your final project

Your Final Project

#FriendlyReminder #FinalProjectdraft is due in a week.
In the past two weeks, you have worked on the proofreading and redrafting the version, you need to submit on April 5. Pls post any questions, issues, suggestions, you might have.
Have you thought about using your #blog as a vehicle for improving your produce?
You can post on your blog each next [improved] version of your final project and letting a
SCSU’s Write Place person help you with your improvements, by elevating the SCSU’s Write Place person to an “editor,” thus demonstrating also your ability to creatively take advantage of #SocialMedia.

Edpuzzle for bonus points

Folks, playing with #EdPuzzle will bring you an opportunity to dig deeper in the abilities #SocialMedia where you can create easily interactivity by superimposing relevant questions on video sources (e.g. YouTube).
It also can bring you points to improve your
If you would like to experiment with engaging social media for your purposes, please consider creating an account in EDpuzzle and test this #socialmedia quiz:
the code is : sorbidl
Would you like to create your own interactive video? Please share your link in this FB post and/or on your blog
Need help? pls email me day/time and I will meet you on Adobe Connect or similar to help you

helpful tips for your next draft


you are not working toward your next draft for your final project.

As shared with you, your next draft will be a process of redrafting several times your manuscript.

I also shared with you the most common areas in a need of improvement, as well as personal notes for each of you with suggestions regarding your areas of improvement.

Please have the following links with specific directions to proofread your manuscript during your process of redrafting.
You are strongly encouraged to seek the guidance and support of the Write Center during this process.

midterm office hours

Your class progress is as important to you, as it is to me.
Please have the following schedule for #midtermofficehours, when we can share your progress, ideas and concerns:

Friday, March 24, 2017:

3:15PM – Allison
3:45PM – Chelsea
4:15PM – Herbert
4:45PM – Nicole
5:15PM – Zach
5:45PM – Elizabeth
6:15PM – Jonathan
6:45PM – Nellie

as per previous announcement:

We meet on , unless you prefer other platform. If latter, please do let me know in advance.
If the time is not convenient for you, please take the responsibility to reschedule time convenient for both parties.

Social Media Metrics

Folks, after about a month of learning and contemplating our #socialmediastrategy, you now have build your little social media empire (consisting mainly of your blog and Facebook tools). You used wisely #hashtags to promote your content.
It is time now to learn and apply metrics and analytics and use them to fine-tune the use of your social media strategy.
Attached is an article on the #Facebook and #Twitter use of #socialmediametrics.
study in details Agius’ ten options to monitor #socialmediametrics and, respectively, consider improving your #socialmediastrategy based on your analysis of your findings.
Consider the link on the bottom of this blog entry, which can lead you to resources and help you further your understanding and utilization of #socialmediametrics.
Do not hesitate to use this blog entry as the thread, where you can post questions, share your observations and insert your findings and recommendations


office hours this week

we are in the middle of the semester.
I will be holding “#officehours” this week, shall you have questions, suggestions etc. Please share with me (email: day/time when you would like to converse and be specific about the medium for communication, you would like to use: e.g. phone, Adobe COnnect, Skype etc.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

feedback 1st draft

Please have the feedback for your 1st draft. Good work everyone. Good start.
The main issues, which need to be addressed:

  • sentence structure and [entire] paper structure. is there a “flow” in the narration. transitions?
    Please DO consider the Write Place in helping you with this task
  • “mundane” (on a first glance), but important details:
    vocabulary: please make sure your 2nd draft is rid of: thing, stuff, get, put. Also: of that, who, what. Find the right word
  • in-text citation. make sure you consult the APA style
  • please do believe me, when I tell you: it is obvious, if you are submitting one-time draft, or a draft, rewritten numerous times trough the month. Please do not hold it against me, if the grade does not match your expectations. I am grading you by a rubric. The rubric takes into an account your ability to go through numerous draft.

Those of you missing to submit their 1st draft, please consider a late submission.

Let me know, if questions/suggestion and looking forward to reading your next and improved draft! 🙂

1st draft feedback

Good afternoon everyone,

1. your grades for the first draft of your final project are posted.

2. if you have not submitted your first draft and you want to have shot of possible 40 points (50 minus delayed submission), please let me know

3. Main take outs from the first draft:

– avoid complex sentences; break them into shorter and simpler ones – it helps your thoughts transpire

– Avoid “that,” “where,” “who” in addition to “thing, get, put and stuff”
– use synonyms (expand your vocabulary)

– work on the paper structure: identify your main points; transition from one point to another; bring evidence to support your points

4. Your next draft is due April 14. Please keep in mind that I am accepting “early” drafts and will provide feedback “for free” (no reflection on the grade)


since most of you will not return to the D2L M6 Discussion, available here:…/e…/grade_item_edit.d2l… , I will open for discussion again this thread, since it is #important, even if #boring to understand folksonomy.
Below is the exchange between Elizabeth Scheel and Zach Raeker, and, respectively, my addition.
Elizabeth Scheel (maybe righfully) is raiding her concern about the deterioration of taxonomy by surrendering it to the folks. While it is a strong notion by our generation; a generation growing in the world of specialist, the 2005 #wikipediavsencyclopediabritannica controversy ( proved that folksonomy actually is a trend in a need to be considered.
But then Zach is asking a very legitimate questions, placing his finger on the main weakness of the new trend of folksonomy: how do we determine the best keywords, or tags, or hashtags?

Here is my reply and I urge to NOT agree with me, but share openly your thoughts and hesitations about folksonomy…

An excellent outline in SlideShare:
As per Slide 12 in that presentation: “The value in this external tagging is derived from people using their own vocabulary and adding explicit meaning which may come from meaning, inferred understanding of the information/ object. People are not so much categorizing, as providing a means to connect items (placing hooks) to provide their meaning in their own understanding.”


that can be viewed as the weakens of outsourcing taxonomy to the folks, AKA folksonomy: 1. the lack of standardization and 2. the failure to assign the correct keyword.

How one can redeem it: in Twitter terms, you seek out the “#influencers.” Those are the pundits, who, arguably, use the best hashtags in their discipline, which, in reality are the best keywords

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Authored by: Zachary Raeker
Authored on: Feb 20, 2017 11:21 AM
Subject: Tagging

Not knowing the right keywords is very critical in having an effective search on twitter or Facebook, I agree. Do you have any suggestions on how to teach people effective ways to search for keywords or even use hashtags and tagging effectively?

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Authored by: Elizabeth Scheel-Keita
Authored on: Feb 19, 2017 10:01 PM
Subject: Tagging

Folksonomy, or the taxonomy of internet sources by average people, is our new reality.