feedback 1st draft

Please have the feedback for your 1st draft. Good work everyone. Good start.
The main issues, which need to be addressed:

  • sentence structure and [entire] paper structure. is there a “flow” in the narration. transitions?
    Please DO consider the Write Place in helping you with this task
  • “mundane” (on a first glance), but important details:
    vocabulary: please make sure your 2nd draft is rid of: thing, stuff, get, put. Also: of that, who, what. Find the right word
  • in-text citation. make sure you consult the APA style
  • please do believe me, when I tell you: it is obvious, if you are submitting one-time draft, or a draft, rewritten numerous times trough the month. Please do not hold it against me, if the grade does not match your expectations. I am grading you by a rubric. The rubric takes into an account your ability to go through numerous draft.

Those of you missing to submit their 1st draft, please consider a late submission.

Let me know, if questions/suggestion and looking forward to reading your next and improved draft! 🙂

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