your immediate tasks

The other day Chelsea Bauman asked a question
regarding your weekly assignments.
I left you time to share your feedback.
My intention is not secure as much time for you, as possible to produce successful final project.
In that sense, I encourage you to focus on your final paper. You have less then two weeks to re-draft and improve. Please use the time wisely:
– improve on your own, by working on your paper at least once a day (please feel welcome to share drafts).
– work with the Write Place
– work with your peers: pair with someone from your class and exchange drafts. Critique and help your peers in improving your pape. 
While the final project is the main goal in the remaining days, you probably noticed Elizabeth’s posts. Please consider engaging in a discussion with her and previous entries; it will bring you much needed bonus points and opportunity to improve your final grade.

final presentation question (ADA)

Based on a question by a student class regarding the final presentation.
Per syllabus, the final presentation is to be delivered either on #FacebookLive and/or #AdobeConnect. Two of the platforms, all students in class have access to.
The concern of the question is regarding students with #disabilities; in this case #hearingissues.
Considering the oppulance of information on #SocialMedia and your increasing weariness, as expressed several weeks ago, I will NOT be able to accommodate special session on these issues, although module 12 (Copyright) and module 13 (privacy) can be fitting places and times to focus on #ADA (#AmericanwithDisabilityAct) and technological accommodations.
As you have noticed, I am using this Facebook group to expose you to additional important trends, not reflected in the short 15 weekly modules for the semester – in that sense, you have directions to explore and educate yourself.
Thus, please consider this thread as:
– an educational one: learn to resolve ADA issues
– pragmatic one: learn to upload #closedcaptions in #YouTube.
1. YouTube
#YouTube, after FB and #Twitter is the most popular #socialmediatool. Everyone can create an account in YouTube and upload a video. You can literally turn every presentation (e.g. PowerPoint) into a video clip to be uploaded in YouTube.
Once you have the video uploaded in YouTube, you can also upload closed captions to your presentation (YouTube video).
Here directions on the closed captioning in YouTube.
2. For any other presentation tool, you may be using:
PowerPoint, Prezi, Slideshare, etc. (here is a list of tools:…/08/closed-captions-for-video/)
you can transcribe your presentation and share the transcription in the chat window of Adobe Connect and/or in Facebook.

Bottom-line: pls practice an ADA friendly online presentation: consider parallel to your oral presentation a written transcript.
Also, monitor your chat window for written questions coming from students and be ready to respond in a written (versus oral) format.

Again, please use this thread for further suggestion and comments to shape and improve our final presentation.

More on closed captions:
and the benefit of them:…/11/16/video-captions-benefit/

final project collaboration

with the advent of the final project and the drafts you are working on and in attempt to help class with the quality of the final project, please consider the following option: working in teams on your final draft.
Some of you are accomplished writers, some of you are proficient with #techonology, #socialmedia included. Considering your strengths, team up with another person and use your strength[s] to provide each other productive feedback and help each other with improving your final draft and presentation.
To prove teamwork in this endeavor please consider the following exercise:
If you are the person who will be helping with feedback
1. Open your peer’s MS Word document – final draft
2. Go to Review / Track Changes and start tracking your changes while helping your peer improve their work (picture 1)
ms word review
3. Upon completion of your suggestions, upload the document in your Google account and “share” the document with your peer and myself (please use my Google account: by either emailing us in invitation and/or emailing us the URL to the document
consider the same exercise in a most efficient format:
If you are the person, who will be expecting feedback
1. Open your Google account and go to Google Drive.
2. Create a respective folder, if necessary (as we studied file management during Module 2). Drag and drop your final draft in the that folder, click on it and open
3. Open as Google Docs (see video)
4. Switch from “editing” to “suggesting” (see video)
5. After done w feedback, locate “share” and click on it
6. Switch from “view” to “edit” and share link with your peer and myself

upon providing your feedback and sharing the URL to the document with me, please feel welcome to collect the following badge for bonus points

teamwork specialist



D2L discussion final project draft

D2L discussion this week replaced by your improved final project draft

It will be more beneficial for class to focus on the final final project.

Instead of D2L discussions this week, you share with me? peers? your improved draft. I will do my best to return to you your 2nd drafts latest by the end of the weekend.
Since this is an “informal” draft, please email your work directly to me and I will return with feedback and reflect your progress in the respective weekly grade for D2L.
Please let me know, if questions, suggestions.