your immediate tasks

The other day Chelsea Bauman asked a question
regarding your weekly assignments.
I left you time to share your feedback.
My intention is not secure as much time for you, as possible to produce successful final project.
In that sense, I encourage you to focus on your final paper. You have less then two weeks to re-draft and improve. Please use the time wisely:
– improve on your own, by working on your paper at least once a day (please feel welcome to share drafts).
– work with the Write Place
– work with your peers: pair with someone from your class and exchange drafts. Critique and help your peers in improving your pape. 
While the final project is the main goal in the remaining days, you probably noticed Elizabeth’s posts. Please consider engaging in a discussion with her and previous entries; it will bring you much needed bonus points and opportunity to improve your final grade.

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