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A friendly reminder:
– by now, you have read the syllabus and the related documents in first two D2L Content modules:

Any questions about the class are contained in those documents.
This is an online class and it is executed in asynchronous mode. There is no regular F2F (face-to-face) interaction, unless you request one (as specified in the syllabus), thus your orientation for this class is contained in these documents, which you must read on your own.
I provided audio (and transcribed) directions to these documents in the D2L announcement :

You must read these documents and internalize them for the rest of the semester, since they are your plan/guide through the class.

According to these documents, we are nearing the end of our #week1:  first week (week increments start and end each Wednesday).
As it was shared to you in several Facebook group postings and Huskynet emails, by now you
1. Were supposed to cover your respective readings (Thursday-Fri)

  1. Brainstorm with your peers on the ideas from those readings and the readings you found on the FB group page and/or Twitter (Fri-Sat)
  2. Write out your solid academic response, based on the brainstorming, and post your academic response on the respective thread of the D2L Discussions (Sat-Sunday)
  3. Establish presence on Evernote and complete your home assignment and class assignment on Evernote (Sat-Sunday-Monday)
  4. Discuss your peers’ D2L entries and provide your feedback

Your work for the week is expected to be wrapped up latest by Wednesday morning, so I can have time to evaluate your work and enter the grades, before the new week starts.

You MUST adhere to this schedule. Belated FB/Twitter/D2L Discussion entries will not have the same weight when evaluated, since the rest of the class, as well the instructor, will be occupied with discussions for the next week and most probably will not be able to take into account your work.

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