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How to Use Facebook Analytics for Your Website

January 23, 2018

How to Use Facebook Analytics for Your Website

#1: Create a Facebook Pixel for Your Website

If you haven’t already installed the Facebook pixel on your website for Facebook advertising, you need to do so to get Facebook Analytics for your website.

To install the pixel, go to your Ads Manager or Business Managerclick the advertising account for your websiteand go to the Events Manager > Pixels dashboard.

#2: Add Events Tracking to Your Existing Facebook Pixel

If you already have a Facebook pixel installed on your website, it will track the Page Views event by default. To get the most out of Facebook Analytics and your pixel, track additional events with the pixel.

To update an existing Facebook pixel, visit the Events Manager > Pixels dashboard in your Ads Manager and click the Set Up button next to your pixel.

#4: Create Customized Views of Your Facebook Analytics Data With Segments

#5: Track Visitor Behavior Throughout Your Sales Funnel

#6: View Data for Purchases

#7: Learn How Groups of Visitors Behave Over Time

#8: Create Your Own Custom Breakdowns

#9: Discover the Most Active Users of Your Website

#10: View Analytics for Your Events

#11: Review Overlapping Audiences

#12: Visualize Lifetime Value

#13: Dive Deep Into Your Visitor Demographics

#14: Check Your Settings

more about social media analytics: http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/ims?s=social+media+analytics


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