week 3 (SM and news) directions

Please have audio and transcribed directions for your week 3

Week 3

Welcome to our third week of class.

Before we move toward the readings, discussions, and assignments for week 3, let’s overview quickly our week 2 activities.

Last week witnessed an increase in discussions both in FB and D2L, which is excellent.

Some of you voiced confusion and I offered contact for “private” desktops sharing sessions via Adobe Connect. I also offered 10-11Am and 2-3PM office hours sessions, where class peers and I can help you to literally complete some, if not all of the weekly assignments.

I will keep offering the same 10-11 and 2-3 live helpline next week. Let me know, if you want such sessions at different time; that information is also widely available through D2L Announcements, Twitter, FB and the blog.

You looked carefully again over the D2L content topic “LIB 290 Social media tools” in the very first module of the D2L Content: https://stcloudstate.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/le/content/3980495/viewContent/33552311/View

You have a healthy choice of social media tools, which are relevant to any possible profession you may pursue in your near future.

This week, our goal was to make sure that we understand what technologically moves social media. Parallel, we kept exploring topics for our final project, since this coming week 3, you are due your proposal.
Namely, Jan 31, you need to submit your final project proposal in the D2L assignments box. https://stcloudstate.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/lms/dropbox/admin/mark/folder_submissions_users.d2l?db=11175898&ou=3980495
You are strongly encouraged to run your proposal through your peers by using either the FB group discussions, or any other private communication means (phone, email etc.). I am most willing to brainstorm with you, before you submit your proposal.

If you are behind on any discussions, as mentioned last week, please be cognizant of the weekly increments in this class: later submissions to discussions might not bring you the complete amount of points, since your peers and I have moved on to the following week discussions and will not be able to respond to your entries.

And worked on selection of tools, which you want to familiarize with in this class.

I want to commend Eric Hulbert’s efforts and his proposal for a SM fool, which is NOT in the list, Discord. This is exactly what this class is about: explore, evaluate and critically think about tools, which can help us inquire and/resolve global issues. I am looking forward such enthusiastic and inquisitive approach to this class.

As shared multiple times, each week increments, including the past week 1 and 2 and the upcoming week 3 will move in the following fashion:

  1. Read your articles, research and contribute with your own readings, if possible. Wed-Thursday.
    Discuss your findings in Facebook (brainstorming), Twitter (microblogging). Thursday-Friday. Respond, provide feedback to your peers. Friday-Saturday
    If you have hesitations to start a discussion in Facebook, you shouldn’t. There is a lot going on in the world, so finding a global issue to discuss should not be a problem.
    IN addition, I offer you the #SundayScoop, where our class can generate our list of “hot topics.” In addition, on a daily basis, I am offering you global issues, most of them in the realm of social media and you are most welcome to share your opinions about them.

Complete the short class and home assignments in Evernote. Saturday-Sunday

  1. Post your mini paper in the D2L Discussion and provide feedback to your peers’ mini papers. Sunday-Monday.
  2. Explore your Educause blog and expand your knowledge on blog maintenance and its connectivity to the mainstream social media, such as our Facebook Group, our Twitter thread (#SCSULIB290) and your personal social media.
  3. Share your brainstorming notes for your final project – creating a social media strategy regarding a global issue – in the respective D2L assignment box: https://stcloudstate.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/lms/dropbox/admin/mark/folder_submissions_users.d2l?db=11175898&ou=3980495

Once again, If you are behind on any of those activities, especially discussions, make sure to catch up as quickly as you can, since the rest of the class will be focusing on the discussions for the next week and might not be able to focus on discussions

This coming week 3, we will be making sure that we understand the profound changes brought to the world by social media. This week, we will be focusing on the impact of social media on news distribution. How do we acquire news, considering the way our parents and grandparents were obtaining their news. What is going on in the newspaper business?  What are news aggregators? How does Digg, Reddit, Quora fit in the new world of news media? How do you acquire your news?

in the TV and radio business; how did the character of news changed. Why fake news is such a buzz word.
How is social media responsible for shaping your world view? Do you use social media to learn about and discuss global issues? Domestic issues? What kind of issues do you discuss via your SM?
What is fake news and who is to blame for fake news. Is anyone to blame, or fake news is normal and maybe has place under the sun?
all this is in the week 3 readings and it might be beneficial for you, to split with your partners and peers the readings and share with each other your findings from the large list of information for this week 3.

I encourage you to seek class support, which will help us work as a team. However, if you decide to turn directly to me, please use this Doodle link https://doodle.com/digitalliteracy

to seek a personal, live communication with me via Adobe Connect or old-fashioned phone call (320 308 3072).  I will do my best to help your success in this class

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