Week 4 (Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and SM) directions

Week 4

Welcome to our fourth week of class.

Before we move toward the readings, discussions, and assignments for week 4, let’s overview quickly our week 3 activities.

More joined us to our discussions both in FB and D2L. While this is a good news, considering that we starting week 4, please be forewarned that soon the recent rate of discussion entries will not be sufficient to collect the complete weekly discussions points. If you do NOT respond to your peers, you will not be able to collect the complete weekly discussion points. Please do NOT make me assigned a number (like respond at least to three peers’ entries), we are grown people…

You were offered live “office hours,” including an offer to literally work with you on your assignments.

This past week, we took a general look at very important aspect of the social media evolution: the change in news delivery, the very pertinent phenomenon “fake news” and the change of traditional news media. Please be reminded that a “thumb up” and other emoticons are truly appreciated but DO NOT count as a discussion participation toward your grade.

This past week, you were offered to work on collecting your first badge. See your syllabus about redeeming your badges.

This past week, your final project proposal in the D2L assignments box. https://stcloudstate.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/lms/dropbox/admin/mark/folder_submissions_users.d2l?db=11175898&ou=3980495

Submitting your proposal on time is crucial for the success of your final project. If you intend to slap together as final project sometimes in April, please do not hold against me the potential of lower grade. The same applies to your weekly discussions: if you make your discussion entries in Tuesday, you demonstrate lack of interest toward the topics in this class. Questions? Issues? Please share during the live office hours and or direct contact via communication tools as assigned in the syllabus.

Please be strongly reminded, each week increments, including the past week 1, 2 and 3 and the upcoming week 4 will continue to move in the following fashion:

  1. Read your articles, research and contribute with your own readings, if possible. Wed-Thursday.

Discuss your findings in Facebook (brainstorming), Twitter (microblogging). Thursday-Friday. Respond, provide feedback to your peers. Friday-Saturday
If you have hesitations to start a discussion in Facebook, you shouldn’t. There is a lot going on in the world, so finding a global issue to discuss should not be a problem.
In addition, the #SundayScoop, is an opportunity to “shine” and display your keen interest in topics regrading this class, as well as to bring you the extra points needed for a good grade in this class. Same effect (excellent grade) when you respond to the daily topics shared on the FB Group page.

  1. Complete the short class and home assignments in Evernote. Saturday-Sunday
  2. Post your mini paper in the D2L Discussion and provide feedback to your peers’ mini papers. Sunday-Monday.
  3. Explore your LIB290 blog and expand your knowledge on blog maintenance and its connectivity to the mainstream social media, such as our Facebook Group, our Twitter thread (#SCSULIB290) and your personal social media.

As per directions from week1, you must start working on your blog:

  • You need to change its appearance
    • Title
    • Header image
    • Start entering our daily blog entries
    • Bringing up the social media bar (pls let me know, if you need help with that) and start posting your blog entries on the FB Group page to practice a streamlining of social media tools
    • Questions? Issues? Please come to the office hours and I will help you


This week, we need to clear up the “surroundings” of Social Media. Is Social Media part of Web 2.0? Why? Why is it important to understand this (Web. 1.0, Web 2.0, etc.)? Why is it important to understand and use an “ancient” SM tool such as blog? In SM marketing, what is the connection between different social media tools? Do you agree with the Iranian blogger, who sees these “Instagram times” as devaluation of information (as per your weekly readings)

All these questions and more from you, will be posted on our FB Group page and discussed.

I encourage you to seek class support, which will help us work as a team. However, if you decide to turn directly to me, please use this Doodle link https://doodle.com/digitalliteracy

to seek a personal, live communication with me via Adobe Connect or old-fashioned phone call (320 308 3072).  I will do my best to help your success in this class





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