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Diigo is a social annotation tool. It is in the same category with the “older” Delicious (
But also in competition with a tool we know now well: Evernote.

In 2014, it was predicted (as with Evernote) that other tools, such as SlideVibe:

cloud-based SideVibe elbows the market of Evernote and Diigo

may take over Diigo, but the latter still goes strong. Here are two short video intros to the use of features of Diigo:

Diigo in education

Note that as with Evernote, Diigo is not only a specific tools for performing specific tasks (in this case bookmarking).

As with Facebook, YouTube and most social media tools, Diigo is a social tool: you can share your bookmarks on different levels and collaborate and express your creativity by organizing and sharing your collected information


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