social media and Florida school shooting

Social Media and Global Issues: Violence, Gun Control and School Shootings

A week past by since the school shooting in FL.
During that time a lot has been shared/argued on social media in particular and all over the news in general:


You can see that I included hashtags from all sides of the debate (if I miss some, please DO add).

I would like you to focus on the current actions of the Parkland School students. They have demands.
I would like you to abstain from debating their actions, being those pro- or anti-gun.

I would like you to train and focus on their possible use of social media for a cause, being that pro- or anti-gun.

If you are in their shoes, how would you structure your actions? How would you structure the use of social media to promote your cause? Again, make an effort to avoid investing your time and energy on defending your cause and make an effort to focus on building a social media strategy to advance that cause.

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