week 8 directions

Your #week8 directions this week are delivered through Facebook Live:


For those of you, who are used to the MediaSpace format, pls look at this as an opportunity to get exposed to new social media tools. You are STRONGLY encouraged to try Facebook Live in this class (and earn points)

Week 7


Welcome to our eighth week of class.

Before we move toward the readings, discussions, and assignments for week 8, let’s overview quickly our week 7 activities.

Your work is picking up. This is a great news, but also worrisome one, since we are only a week away from spring break; middle of the semester. If you are seeking an excellent grade in this class, you must now double your efforts, to compensate for missed opportunities. You can start by submitting two major assignments, which were due Jan 31 and Feb 15 and work diligently on your first draft, which is due in two weeks. You also can compensate by starting much more livelier discussions.
It is obvious that you have a lot to say and your contributions so far were thoughtful and inspiring, but they are not sufficient.


This past week, we looked at the rather broader picture of the intersection between social media and global issues. At the same time, you entered the very hands-on / practical part of the class, where you had to deal with multimedia. Multimedia is the backbone of social media and by now, you need also to start thinking of incorporating multimedia in your blog, Facebook postings, Twitter and any other social media of personal use. Shortly, thinking about your social media strategy.


Next eighth week, will a continuation of week 7: we will read, brainstorm and discuss issues such as “brand.” Brand and branding is in the heart of social media policies. Campaigning with social media is also an issue, which was placed on the table this past week and will continue to be on the table this coming week. Respectively, your Evernote assignments offer you an opportunity to apply your ideas after the reading, brainstorming and discussion, into a hands-on solution of a global problem as well as another hands-on activity, which seeks a proof of your ability to handle YouTube as part of your social media strategy.


As in the past weeks, this weekly increment will continue to move in the following fashion:

  1. Read your articles, research and contribute with your own readings, if possible. Wed-Thursday. https://stcloudstate.learn.minnstate.edu/d2l/le/content/3980495/viewContent/33552370/View
  2. Discuss your findings in Facebook (brainstorming), Twitter (microblogging). Thursday-Friday. Respond, provide feedback to your peers. Friday-Saturday
  3. Complete the short class and home assignments in Evernote. Saturday-Sunday
    resolve global issue:

hands-on YouTube assignment:

  1. Post your mini paper in the D2L Discussion and provide feedback to your peers’ mini papers. Sunday-Monday.
  2. Explore your LIB290 blog and expand your knowledge on blog maintenance and its connectivity to the mainstream social media, such as our Facebook Group, our Twitter thread (#SCSULIB290) and your personal social media.



As per directions from week1, you must work on your blog:

  • You need to change its appearance
    • Title
    • Header image
    • Start entering our daily blog entries
    • Bringing up the social media bar (pls let me know, if you need help with that) and start posting your blog entries on the FB Group page to practice a streamlining of social media tools
    • Questions? Issues? Please come to the office hours and I will help you


I encourage you to seek class support, which will help us work as a team. However, if you decide to turn directly to me, please use this Doodle link https://doodle.com/digitalliteracy

to seek a personal, live communication with me via Adobe Connect or old-fashioned phone call (320 308 3072).  I will do my best to help your success in this class





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