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Trump’s crazy 5G plan actually ‘diagnoses a real problem’

The US isn’t likely to build its own cellular network, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t real concern over wireless security.

President Donald Trump’s National Security Council has discussed the possibility of building a 5G network to counter Chinese spying on US mobile devices, according to report by Axios. The government-run network would supposedly protect emerging technologies reliant on 5G and ensure the US remained a leader in wireless.

The idea got shot down almost immediately by analysts and experts as well as all five FCC commissioners, including the three Republicans. Chairman Ajit Pai said he opposed the federal government building and operating a nationwide 5G network. Fellow Republican Commissioner Michael O’Rielly called the proposal “nonsensical.”

“I’ve seen lead balloons tried in DC before,” O’Rielly said. “But this is like a balloon made out of a Ford Pinto.”

My note: a lot of controversy surrounding this idea. It will DEFINITELY impact you not only by social media proxy, but in many other ways.
Can you share your research and opinion?

your immediate tasks

The other day Chelsea Bauman asked a question
regarding your weekly assignments.
I left you time to share your feedback.
My intention is not secure as much time for you, as possible to produce successful final project.
In that sense, I encourage you to focus on your final paper. You have less then two weeks to re-draft and improve. Please use the time wisely:
– improve on your own, by working on your paper at least once a day (please feel welcome to share drafts).
– work with the Write Place
– work with your peers: pair with someone from your class and exchange drafts. Critique and help your peers in improving your pape. 
While the final project is the main goal in the remaining days, you probably noticed Elizabeth’s posts. Please consider engaging in a discussion with her and previous entries; it will bring you much needed bonus points and opportunity to improve your final grade.

D2L discussion final project draft

D2L discussion this week replaced by your improved final project draft

It will be more beneficial for class to focus on the final final project.

Instead of D2L discussions this week, you share with me? peers? your improved draft. I will do my best to return to you your 2nd drafts latest by the end of the weekend.
Since this is an “informal” draft, please email your work directly to me and I will return with feedback and reflect your progress in the respective weekly grade for D2L.
Please let me know, if questions, suggestions.

your final project

Your Final Project

#FriendlyReminder #FinalProjectdraft is due in a week.
In the past two weeks, you have worked on the proofreading and redrafting the version, you need to submit on April 5. Pls post any questions, issues, suggestions, you might have.
Have you thought about using your #blog as a vehicle for improving your produce?
You can post on your blog each next [improved] version of your final project and letting a
SCSU’s Write Place person help you with your improvements, by elevating the SCSU’s Write Place person to an “editor,” thus demonstrating also your ability to creatively take advantage of #SocialMedia.

helpful tips for your next draft


you are not working toward your next draft for your final project.

As shared with you, your next draft will be a process of redrafting several times your manuscript.

I also shared with you the most common areas in a need of improvement, as well as personal notes for each of you with suggestions regarding your areas of improvement.

Please have the following links with specific directions to proofread your manuscript during your process of redrafting.
You are strongly encouraged to seek the guidance and support of the Write Center during this process.