your final project

Your Final Project

#FriendlyReminder #FinalProjectdraft is due in a week.
In the past two weeks, you have worked on the proofreading and redrafting the version, you need to submit on April 5. Pls post any questions, issues, suggestions, you might have.
Have you thought about using your #blog as a vehicle for improving your produce?
You can post on your blog each next [improved] version of your final project and letting a
SCSU’s Write Place person help you with your improvements, by elevating the SCSU’s Write Place person to an “editor,” thus demonstrating also your ability to creatively take advantage of #SocialMedia.

helpful tips for your next draft


you are not working toward your next draft for your final project.

As shared with you, your next draft will be a process of redrafting several times your manuscript.

I also shared with you the most common areas in a need of improvement, as well as personal notes for each of you with suggestions regarding your areas of improvement.

Please have the following links with specific directions to proofread your manuscript during your process of redrafting.
You are strongly encouraged to seek the guidance and support of the Write Center during this process.

1st draft feedback

Good afternoon everyone,

1. your grades for the first draft of your final project are posted.

2. if you have not submitted your first draft and you want to have shot of possible 40 points (50 minus delayed submission), please let me know

3. Main take outs from the first draft:

– avoid complex sentences; break them into shorter and simpler ones – it helps your thoughts transpire

– Avoid “that,” “where,” “who” in addition to “thing, get, put and stuff”
– use synonyms (expand your vocabulary)

– work on the paper structure: identify your main points; transition from one point to another; bring evidence to support your points

4.¬†Your next draft is due April 14. Please keep in mind that I am accepting “early” drafts and will provide feedback “for free” (no reflection on the grade)

Quality of writing your D2L discussions

Folks, here some tips to improve your writing (and grade), considering the #D2LDiscussionRubric shared with you in the beginning of this class:
also available here:
Until this point, we focused on the format. Now, that we all are comfortable with the assignments (and how to do them), we need to focus on the quality of the content. Being an academic institution, we need to honor academic writing.
In this sense, I strongly suggest that you start observing vigorously the following issues:
– stop using words such as : “get,” “put,” “staff,” and “thing.” The English language presides over 120K words and you must seek a suitable word to precisely express your thoughts.
– Cannot end a sentence with a verb (sentence structure).
– Commas are used for a reason, please do not abandon them.
– Do go through three drafts before you post on D2L discussion
Need more help?
– This blog has infographics, which can prove helpful, use “proofreading” as a keyword and search:
SCSU’s Write Place can be reached online: