Social Media Metrics

Folks, after about a month of learning and contemplating our #socialmediastrategy, you now have build your little social media empire (consisting mainly of your blog and Facebook tools). You used wisely #hashtags to promote your content.
It is time now to learn and apply metrics and analytics and use them to fine-tune the use of your social media strategy.
Attached is an article on the #Facebook and #Twitter use of #socialmediametrics.
study in details Agius’ ten options to monitor #socialmediametrics and, respectively, consider improving your #socialmediastrategy based on your analysis of your findings.
Consider the link on the bottom of this blog entry, which can lead you to resources and help you further your understanding and utilization of #socialmediametrics.
Do not hesitate to use this blog entry as the thread, where you can post questions, share your observations and insert your findings and recommendations