Spring break podcast

Spring Break

Some of you kept working through this week and some of you chose to take early spring break. Either way, you need to complete the requirements for week 8.

I strongly advise you to use your spring break and catch up with missing assignments, since after spring break, your workload will be complemented with by efforts toward your final project.

In regard of the final project, your first draft is due soon. I am willing to take early submissions and return feedback; this will increase your chance to collect the full allocated points for that particular draft.

I encourage you to seek class support, which will help us work as a team. However, if you decide to turn directly to me, please use this Doodle link https://doodle.com/digitalliteracy

to seek a personal, live communication with me via Adobe Connect or old-fashioned phone call (320 308 3072).  I will do my best to help your success in this class

spring break

Based on the poll results, https://www.facebook.com/groups/LIB290/permalink/575741999291375/
#SpringBreak for #LIB290 is March 8-15.
According to the SCSU academic calendar http://www.stcloudstate.edu/events/academic-fy17.aspx,
if you want your vacation to start March 6, you MUST have completed all your assignments by that day for that week. The responsibility to involve your peers in discussions regrading your D2L entries falls on you.
The following week module resumes as usually on March 15, 8PM. Thank you