Blue In The Distance VR Performance.

During a performance by Tracey Engleman and Zeitgeist of ‘The Blue in the Distance for live ensemble and virtual reality film, a selection of audience members were invited to view […]

MN NICE Project Update: Summer Review

Background The Visualization Lab team at SCSU has been busy this summer working on an exciting new project! MN NICE, an acronym for Minnesota Networked Immersive Collaborative Environment, is a […]


  I’m a life-long, unapologetic Whovian.   My first Doctor was Tom Baker, and ever since then I’ve wanted to make a TARDIS.   I’ve done them in VR, VRML, 3D printing.  […]

  Last year Google’s ARCore SDK came out for supported Android phones.   It had some new features previously lacking from other  Augmented Reality applications.    It does more than just […]

Muriel, The Dementia- Bot

Muriel is a prototype of a chatbot, with the responses of a person suffering from dementia.   She’s one of soon to be several ‘Residents’ who occupy a virtual memory […]

Revit to Unity

One of my first paying gigs with 3D computer graphics was an architectural rendering.   It took hundreds of processing hours and resulted in a minute or so of 320×240 […]