I’m a life-long, unapologetic Whovian.   My first Doctor was Tom Baker, and ever since then I’ve wanted to make a TARDIS.   I’ve done them in VR, VRML, 3D printing.  […]

  Last year Google’s ARCore SDK came out for supported Android phones.   It had some new features previously lacking from other  Augmented Reality applications.    It does more than just […]

Muriel, The Dementia- Bot

Muriel is a prototype of a chatbot, with the responses of a person suffering from dementia.   She’s one of soon to be several ‘Residents’ who occupy a virtual memory […]

Revit to Unity

One of my first paying gigs with 3D computer graphics was an architectural rendering.   It took hundreds of processing hours and resulted in a minute or so of 320×240 […]