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Social networking in real life

Was on youtube and saw this video I thought can relate to this class. They are doing a social experiment to see how different it would be if we acted in real life the way we do on media, and how potentially awkward it would be.

Media impact on body image (research paper topic)

When we see a photo like this on social media, what do we think? How does this make one feel? This is a photo, and someone is sending a message- You are supposed to not eat food, so you can be skinny, because that is the only way to be cool. When some people look at this, they can seriously consider following this “example”, which causes an issue with self esteem, health and personal body image.

Bullying and children on social media

Children and Social Media Bullying


I chose this topic because of the discussion we had this week, about social media news and how it affects people, but what about children? How do they interact and what are the impacts of social media.

The article mentions photos, videos that can be taken of a child and put on social media, harassing someone online. I have witnessed someone do this in middle school, someone posted on twitter making fun of someone at lunch with a picture – this is bullying.

Kids do not understand the impact of those posts, mean anonymous comments, until it affects someone, in some cases a child commits suicide. The problem is that it all goes around unnoticed, being entertaining for a child for the time being.

watch the video in the link i posted above, has interesting statistics.