Pros and Cons of Copyright Laws

Copyright laws maintain protection for creations such as writings, video productions, music, visual arts and architecture, but even though copyright laws exist, things are not as ideal and many people use other creators work.

Some of the pros of copy right laws:

  • Automatic copyright protection. A copyright holder has the exclusive right to reproduce a work, prepare works based upon a work and sell a work.
  • Defends intellectual property rights
  • Immediate Action
  • Creativity.¬†¬†Encourage creativity on the part of original creators, since the ability to protect works gives them more incentive to produce and sell new content.


  • Registration and fees. Companies must register their work in the US copyright office to get help with any potential infringement. A fee can be from 35-200 dollars depending on what kind of creation it is.
  • ¬†Expensive for owners to enforce.

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