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Internet Safety

Today, the Internet is a big influences on our lives. Specifically for children, it can be of good or bad use, giving great opportunities but at the same time could give serious threats. Digital citizenship is important to address helping  kids learn, communicate safely and with responsibility. It’s also important to consider the etiquette or cyber bullying, safety and privacy.

For safe and efficient use of the Internet, student should be taught these rules, so they can understand, prevent bullying and negativity, as well as prepare for a career and gain skills that future employers wants.

I believe these things should be taught in school, in a computer class. Other than showing students how to use technology and social media, teach them efficiency and consequences.

How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

This is a topic I have posted before either on here or the Facebook page, and I found an article that shows an interesting side and some statistics. I am looking in the effects of “screen time” for children. I have a 9 year old brother that has been introduced to phones, ipads, computers and tv since toddler age. The reason is because it is an easy distraction to give a bored and crying child an ipad to play games, while sitting at a restaurant for example, to quiet them down. But what happens when they become addicted, and only want to play games and watch cartoons? My little brother prefers to play games, over anything – he would not want to go outside to a playground and be active with other children. He throws a tantrum when there is no wifi… I believe there are many kids like this these days. What is the reason, and how does it affect a child?
This article tells a story of a woman that bought her 6 year old son an ipad, for educational purposes (games meant to teach and bring out creativity). But soon the child discovered Minecraft, which is good for imagination and creativity and is compared to electronic Lego. Then the mother noticed how her child become less interested in normal activities like baseball and reading, while mainly focusing on the ipad. “We see the aggressive temper tantrums when the devices are taken away and the wandering attention spans when children are not perpetually stimulated by their hyper-arousing devices. Worse, we see children who become bored, apathetic, uninteresting and uninterested when not plugged in.” The author believes all the games and electronics used are like a digital drug, and that a child’s brain on Minecraft looks like a brain on drugs, this is where the addiction comes from. There is also increased depression, anxiety and aggression from more screen time. I believe that for these things to be prevented, parents must limit screen time from the very beginning, and not let a child spent all their time playing games.

Pros and Cons of Copyright Laws

Copyright laws maintain protection for creations such as writings, video productions, music, visual arts and architecture, but even though copyright laws exist, things are not as ideal and many people use other creators work.

Some of the pros of copy right laws:

  • Automatic copyright protection. A copyright holder has the exclusive right to reproduce a work, prepare works based upon a work and sell a work.
  • Defends intellectual property rights
  • Immediate Action
  • Creativity.  Encourage creativity on the part of original creators, since the ability to protect works gives them more incentive to produce and sell new content.


  • Registration and fees. Companies must register their work in the US copyright office to get help with any potential infringement. A fee can be from 35-200 dollars depending on what kind of creation it is.
  •  Expensive for owners to enforce.

Prezi on body image

My topic is social media and how it influences body image. Decided to look into some more example of presentation to get some more insight of what others think and use to present. The one I am focusing on right now is Prezi “The negative effects of Photoshop on society”

I like that that creator of this started off with showing a couple photo shopped photos and decided to interract with the audience by asking how this makes them feel. One thing I did not like is how this person put too much text in a circle, it appears very small and makes me loose interest because there is so much. Other than that it is a good presentation with useful information to consider. I like Canva, but am debating on switching to Prezi.


Syria, chemical attack

Earlier today on Facebook, I saw a post of a live video about a chemical attack, but unfortunately lost the information with it and the link. However, I found an article about it.

The article says that at least 60 people were killed, from being exposes to a toxic gas that was dropped from warplanes, and there are hundreds more people currently in hospitals. The victims do not have any physical injuries, but have been bleeding from the nose and mouth and pinpointed pupils.

If you are interested to read more, check out the article, there is also a video and photos (graphic which is why I did not post here)

Games and social skills

This article is about how games effect children. The author believes that young children that play a lot of games have better social and intellectual skills, than ones that do not game. Many are concerned about the effects of video games, but the researches found that high game usage leads to better peer relationships and high overall school competence.

I have also read articles before that show the opposite side of this, where it has a negative effect on social and school skills. I agree that some games are designed to create interaction and bring out creativity, but when there is a high game usage then a child becomes addicted to the screen and doesn’t do or learn else in the real world. Yes,  they can become creative in a game of Minecraft, but this will not teach them how to build a sandcastle or ride a bike, or make a friend in person.



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