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For someone who is planning on doing business marketing in the future, this article was interesting to me. It is about blogging for the purpose of marketing, and blogging is a way of social media – which relates to our topic.

3 Benefits of blogging for marketers:

  1. content strategy – marketers make sure the content is interesting and welcoming to consumers.
  2. Demographic targeting – it’s great to have a blog dedicated to a target market, to provide specific information for them, for example the blog, sells anything related to microscopes. Their target is educational and research institutions. Their posts engage the readers and inform the clients/readers.
  3. Authority building – it is very important to build your brand/company and spread the name around for more people to get interested. Blogging is a different but interesting way of advertising, where you can post a photo, video or audio about the product.

The article I am referring to: Olenski, Steve. “Three Hidden Benefits Of Blogging For Marketers.” N.p., 13 Mar. 2014. Web.