Online Course Development

A resource to help faculty design new online and hybrid courses, or translate face-to-face courses to an online or hybrid format.

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Three Steps

Teaching online is a new experience for many faculty! We have gathered planning guides and other tools to streamline creating an online course. By following a systematic process, you can create a course based on your pedagogical goals, using appropriate structure, content, activities, and assessments. The process can be divided into three phases: Design, Build, and Teach.

1) Design

2) Build

3) Teach

Below is a flowchart of the Design, Build, Teach process. Though we highly recommend going through the 3 phases, feel free to skip to what you need right now. Please be aware, this site is a work in progress! Check back frequently for new resources, tutorials, and ideas. Let’s get started!

Useful Checklists D2L & Zoom demos 3) TEACH D2L & Zoom demos 2) BUILD Syllabus Organization Content Assessments/ Assignments Objectives 1) DESIGN(start here) Welcome!
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