Now that you have planned out key elements of your online/hybrid course in the Design phase, you are ready to build in D2L Brightspace!

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Below are tutorials for the most important D2L Brightspace elements to start with. They will be needed in most courses. Ideally, these pieces should be built before a course begins. Once they are in place, you can start exploring all the other options D2L Brightspace has to offer. Please scroll down to “More D2L Brightspace Tutorials” to build additional elements in your course. You may not need all of them. Choose those that meet your needs, and remember that you are welcome to schedule an appointment with SCSU Online staff.

If you would like to experiment with features in a safe setting, you can request a “course shell”: an empty sandbox or development course that you can play in without worrying about mishaps. Please contact SCSU Online/Academic Technologies staff at

D2L maintains a comprehensive resource website. Please see the instructor area for tutorials on many topics. Minnesota State has published a D2L Brightspace Quick Start Guide.

Essential D2L Brightspace Tutorials

Create Announcement

Announcements communicate important updates to your students. Post a welcome announcement at the beginning of your course!

Read more about Announcements

Email Class

Email is a great tool to stay in touch with your students.

Read more about emailing your class

Create a Module

Modules are like folders for course content. Use the information from the Course Schedule Planning Guide to build modules in D2L.

Read more about Modules

Add Content

Once you have created modules, you can fill them with the content students will need in the course.

Read more about Content

Upload Syllabus

In this guide you will create a Content Module titled Course Information and upload your syllabus to the course.

Read more about uploading a syllabus

Create Assignment

Create an Assignment in D2L. This is a digital space where students turn in work. If you are used to previous versions of D2L Brightspace, it was called “Dropbox.” Organize Assignments so each paper/project/presentation etc. has a box or folder associated with it.

Read more about Assignments

Create Quiz

Keep in mind that Quizzes are very versatile–many types of student response can be collected, including short essays, multiple choice questions, and more. You are welcome to make an appointment with SCSU Online to choose and create a Quiz to meet your needs. We would be delighted to help!

Read more about Quizzes

More D2L Brightspace Tutorials

Create Discussion

In this guide you will create a Discussion Forum and Topic.

Read more about Discussions

Record and Post a Lecture

You can use Kaltura MediaSpace to record lectures, and then post them in D2L Brightspace.

Read more about lectures

Set up Gradebook

D2L Brightspace has a versatile gradebook feature for calculating grades.

Read more about Grades

Set up a Rubric

Rubrics can be used as an assessment tool. They spell out criteria for students, and can facilitate grading.

Read more about Rubrics

Create Course Survey

Course surveys can be used to collect student feedback during or at the end of a course.

Read more about Surveys

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