Jekyll and Hyde Blog

(Nitasha Borchert)

First off where do I even start with this amazing performance called Jekyll and Hyde. From the acting, singing, choreography to the in-depth audience involvement. This crew of five truly knew how to put on a show. From the minute they shut the doors to the very last second of you walking out the door they knew how to keep a crowd entertained. In the very beginning they made it appoint to learn some of our names, I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with one of the performers Ginger. She was nothing but a sassy, beautiful, sweetheart. It was compliment after compliment to really make a girl feel special. Trust me I was not the only one they were hyping up, they did this throughout the whole audience. Not only did they learn some of our names they used them throughout the show. This was very personable to me.

Every single one of these performers completely aced their part and then some. They drew in people of all ages which looked to be around eighteen and over. I am not kidding you when I say my little sister could have been in the crowd laughing and so could my grandparents. The laughter of the crowd never quite stopped, no matter your taste in humor this show will keep you at the edge of your seat laughing. Yes, there were some swear words although, to me, that was half of the humor itself. There were some dirty jokes within the performance and that is just what I like. Definitely not a performance for someone who does not quite like profanity and that is just fine.

I do not think they went more than a few minutes without getting some of the audience involved. This was great, they had lines prepared for the audience members they had chosen. That was the part I was most impressed with. They got the audience really into the performance themselves to where we were apart of their show. This is where I feel the engagement level exceeds anyone’s expectations. I was absolutely blown away by how on key they were with every line they had themselves and given out to an audience member. Watching some of my classmates (Maddie especially) get pulled in was more than exciting.

There was rapping, solos, and group singing and most of the music was so hip and new that majority of its audience was able to chime in. The story within this show was quite real and relatable when it comes to society and its truths. They of course ended with a great chorus that I had the want to sing along with as well as the rest of the audience who knew the lyrics. I left this performance way more than happy. This to me opened my eyes to the possibilities of performance and its art. The perspective I gained is like no other, and I would be more than obliged to watch Jekyll and Hyde once more, or any of the performances this crew does for that matter. The show shared the importance of being aware of the evil within some. No matter the amounts of good one person can share to the world, there can still be the inner section of evil.

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