Who Cares

Nitasha Borchert

Emotional is probably the first word that comes to mind when thinking about the performance Who Cares. Coming from a girl who grew up in a home I considered safe, or maybe some call “normal” this show brought to me a whole new perspective of what some children face in a day to day basis. I am not going to lie when I say I got a couple of tears in my eyes when listening to their stories. Now, I am not saying I was not aware or that I was completely oblivious to the fact that our society is nowhere near perfect, it is the fact that it has never been shown to me in a way with such passion or desire to make people aware.

During this show there were three students with three different stories about their struggles at home. What these kids go through on a day to day basis while just trying to go to this thing we call school. You know that thing everyone is opted into as a young lady or lad. Day in and day out we all can have a struggle with trying to keep going. With heavy eye contact, fog, and a perfect display of them at school I deeply felt the message they were sending. All the things these kids were doing to simply get through the day.

This is a tremendous reminder; one can never truly know what someone is going through and how they are handling the situation. Between social workers not being emotionally involved possibly because of the state’s financial burdens or teachers not opening their eyes to the fact that these students might not have the same childhood they were fortunate enough to have themselves. It hurts me knowing that one person could be saved a little just by being provided with the correct support whether its financially or emotionally. Some burdens were some no kid should ever have to face at such a young age.

This show was many things. Starting with vulnerable, intense, sad, and most importantly TRUE. This is the world we live in, and how can this happen. Coming from a girl who has struggled with anxiety and depression I felt this performance harder than any other I got to watch today. The causes for the issues I have may not be the same that those students in the show had but it screamed at me. How important it is for the world to be aware of some of the most fragile people in society. The kids.

There was one huge message I caught at the end that the cast of Who Cares made appoint to be known and I know this is true. “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”. This hit me hard because this goes for any situation no matter how important you think it may or may not be. Reach out. Ask for help. It’s okay. It does get better, it can, it will.

It was amazing. I would recommend this performance to everyone I know hoping that this will someday be a movement across the world and help people keep in mind that not one single person lives the same life. We all have our own struggles yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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