With Child

Nitasha Borchert

With child was an experience to say the least. I started the show with confidence I knew exactly what was happening, to find out by the middle of it I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Starting with the question of what was the exact story-line here? Of course, by the end of the performance I had figured out the point she was getting across. Or at least what I seem to think she was working towards.

Starting with the fact that I truly had to focus on what she was doing physically and not just listen to what she was saying to us verbally. There were four different stories throughout the show. All good, and decently short. Although the fact that I did not catch on to her being a different person with a dissimilar life experience roughly until the third story-line it was still very good. That could have been poor research about the show With Child on my part or maybe it was the way she set up the show herself.

I will have to admit this performance had some great comedy. She laughed, danced, and truly showed sides of women that we all know to be true but do not always point out, recognize, or simply talk about. Some sides are known to be the ugly truth about us women, other parts to me showed what women on a day to day basis unfortunately must put up with simply for being a lady.

Of course, without quite spoiling anything I can say she was “pregnant” for the bit she performed for us, although I am almost positive, she was not actually (which is just fine) it was sort of hard to follow where that bit came into play. Until it dawned on me. Us women must carry so much on our shoulders. A part of being a woman is someday possibly carrying a child just so you can be a mother. In the beginning it reminded us that not all woman is able to conceive the way we would all like to. Some must adopt, or do IVF, and some are lucky enough to carry their own (if that’s how they wish to start a family) I would like to mention everyone has different ideas of what they would like. Of course, we cannot forget about the ladies who are just fine without even being a mother.

Generations behind us women were treated much different than we are today. It is almost as if we did not have a voice even just thirty years ago, but now there is no way anyone could have the audacity to try and quiet us.

From being shown different relationships between her boyfriend (or husband), her friends, and even her Nanna she opened our eyes to the many perspectives people have on women. Even women who believed in different lifestyles than other woman the same age as her. Some might think it is not OK to wear those pretty red lace panties, yet other may not give two damns whether the whole world knew or saw that’s what them was underneath those perfectly fit jeans that made your butt pop out even more. I would watch With Child again but with the hopes of coming up with a better understanding.

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