The Outsider

Nitasha Borchert


The Outsider might have been a comedy and a quite funny one I must add it was also the dirty truth about Deepu Dileepans’ life. Here is a brief background for you to understand what I am going to write about a tad more. He is young Indian man born and raised in India. Who later chose to move all the way over to the Great Britain Luxenberg. Being the race that he is he often feels the vibe of an outsider. Hence the title The Outsider. Even though he came from a part of India that the British sort of took over, and he speaks very fluent English he still struggles with being racial profiled.

At first, I had thought he was just being funny but towards the end of the show the saddened truth came out and was very clear to me. All the racial profiling he continues to get as someone with brown skin. How sad, and unfair this is to him and many others. This is where our world is standing in the political society and it truly saddens me. Why should someone be pegged as a terrorist just for their ethnicity. For having a slightly different culture than many around him he would be spoken to differently in many circumstances. Not only that why is he the one always stuck doing random checks when getting on a bus or a plane? Or why is it so hard for him to get a visa when he wants to be able to have the endless opportunities as someone like me.

I’m sure many people around the world ask this question I know it cannot just be me. But if others are then why is this continuing? When will the world become a more peaceful place for all ethnicity, races, and cultures?

The Outsider was an hour-long solo performance. A very personable one, he took the time to get to know the crowd and of course give us a little “hell”. I must add Kristy apparently looks like my mother, but hey I’ll take it.

Once he got to know his crowd, where we were from, why we chose his show he began the real performance. A series of stories that show us what he and many others go through on a day to day basis.

It’s important for us to see what other humans go through on a daily whether it’s good or bad. The perspective helps change the mind of others, for the most part in a great way. I will hold this performance to be dearly and always keep him in the back of my mind. I will continue to ask myself how we can change someone’s feelings from being “an outsider” to feeling more like “an insider”.

At the end of the day each and one of us are human. It’s that simple. We all live off the fact that our heart is beating, and we are breathing. I hope for one day more people begin to realize this

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