Nitasha Borchert

Triple AAA batteries is a performance I will never forget. It is funny, rich, and all around wonderful. If you are looking for a show that you can laugh your bum off with not only other adults but children of eight years and older this is the one for you. Of course, walking in the show, I was hoping I would laugh at least a little, but WOW is one way to put my reaction. This hour-long show went by extremely fast.

There were three performances that stole the audience’s attention. Starting with a male that had very funny jokes about racial profiling, certainly it was about his own body. He brought in some personal taste which made the bit hilarious. Another thing I really enjoyed was the audience involvement. He then introduced another male performer.

This guy seemed to have made most of his material up right then and there. I was stunned by the fact that there seemed to only be a few lines that he had seemed to be fully prepared for. Everyone including me got a kick out of him, he was a delight. He really seemed to be including the younger portion of the audience which I thought was a wonderful idea. Sometimes kids can laugh at a joke but not being as experienced in life events as an adult they may not make sense to them.

The third performance I was very blown away by. They were the “Hotflix” was what the group was called. They had four ladies up on stage all doing a variety of things. What really got me during this show was the fact that they had absolutely none of it prepared. They used the crowd to decide what sort of bit they wanted. Do you like comedy or sci-fi? How about Horror or action? With extended questions like those they began their improve musical.

With one lady playing the piano to give a beat the others freestyles. Our show was basically based on the movie The Shinning. You see I can tell you this without spoiling what you would hear because I believe no two shows they do are the same. How CRAZY is this. With the help of the crowd, on a whim created a whole new performance. Now ladies and gents this is something that takes nothing but talent. They sang, rapped, and within that told the story of The Shinning.

This performance showed me a whole new aspect of the art of performance. What these performers were able to do up on stage in front of hundreds of people left me at aw. There were no “movements” one could say this show did other than make a crowd laugh. Although, each performance was unique in its very own way. Each of the performers were doing more solo shows later in the day and this almost seemed like it was just a sneak peak of what they were truly capable of. I would recommend them to everyone I know, even kids.

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