Can You Escape?

Written By: Cassie Cormican

Have you ever been lost in an unfamiliar city? Not only that, but have you ever been locked inside an unfamiliar room where you only have one hour to escape? Here in Edinburgh, I had the opportunity to experience my first escape room. Locked in Edinburgh: Secret Lab, was a trilling experience that was constantly challenging my mind. As four others and myself took on this challenge, we found ourselves overwhelmed with clues and obstacles to pass.

Before we had entered the room, we were sat down to watch an informative video of why we were there and what our “mission” was. Although this video was full of humor, I had wished that the guide was more interactive and enthusiastic about what we were about to become involved in. This could have accentuated the experience by creating a life like thriller.

Teamwork was really the only way to succeed in this mind puzzling experiment, where my group and I had been tested to the maximum. This brilliant team bonding exercise proved that to beat the game, we would truly need to place ourselves in the investigators shoes. Personally, I had felt as though it was not a game, and that time was not on my side. These challenging obstacles had really tested how our group could problem solve, rather than testing the knowledge we have, which I personally loved!

This course was made for people who may have a bit of previous experience with escape rooms. Although, we were able to get relatively close to beating the game, we simply ran out of time. I would highly recommend this course when visiting Edinburgh. Again, I had really wished that our guide played more of a role during this experience, pretending like the investigation was real. However, this had overall been a great experience and I would most definitely like to try another course constructed by this production.

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