Sea Sick

Nitasha Borchert

The main thing about performance studies that I learned this past week is the impact that it leaves on the audience. I had an idea about the art of performance, but it did not hit me until watching the show Sea Sick. I was emotionally moved by Alanna Mitchell, so impacted that it pushes me to want more.

I want more growth, knowledge, and many more answers after having the honor of listening to such of an amazing human being. Alanna hated the idea of being in front of a crowd. Although she knew if she did not share her research with others, who would? That right there is the reason why performing your story to others can be so critical. Being bright enough to think critically, ask some of the deepest questions, and turn it into a story for many to watch amazes me.

The whole script to her performance consisted of an advocacy for climate change. She took what she was advocating and put it into an hour-long performance. With many personal stories about what got her to where she is today. There are even more facts about why she is promoting this whole new picture internationally.

Practically every second of her performance was filled with more information to where it was flooding into my head almost as if a dam just gave way. I think she accomplished everything she wanted to by the end of the show. She left behind a crowd with ambition, more knowledge, and pure satisfaction. All to think it started with a simple question that seemed to haunt her. To where she ended up today, in front of many people, advocating for the result of her question. She answered her own scientific questions not only for you, or me, but the whole world.

She used mostly verbal communication but also nonverbal. I could see that in her heart she truly cared about the story she was trying to share with us. Like I said earlier this was not something she took an interest in doing. Standing in front of a crowd with many eyes watching her, as she pours out most of her life research to us. Alanna was more than ready for questions and comments at the end of the performance and could fully articulate what anyone asked.

After watching Alanna, I am excited to learn more about her and the five books she has written. I can vouch that I have already investigated the first book of hers that I plan on buying as soon as I return to the states. She is a wealth of knowledge I will take advantage of, as so should you. It took years to get to where she is at today and she should take self-importance out of doing so.

I would like to step out of the boundaries of “the norm” that our society has made. Scratch that, I am going to step out of the boundaries of “the norm”. That is why I urge everyone to take time out of their hectic lives and learn about her and the movement she is pushing for. I do not think there could be an ounce of regret if you do. I give this performance a five start review without any doubt. Sea Sick is the first type of sick feeling that we could all nurture from.

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