School Uses Video Games to Teach Thinking Skills

Following the topic of video games, this blog focuses on video games in the world of academia. One school in New York, Quest to Learn, use video games and design them as part of their classes. The students learn how the game works inside and out, from the design and creation of the game to how the game is played and the strategy of the game. By playing the game, students learn how to solve problems, how to communicate, how to use data, and how to predict things that may happen in the future. One of the students said that in math they travel the world and in one of the cities called Creepytown where the class learns math and english, the students play travel agents, convert currencies, and keep blogs about their travel experiences and budget trips. In some cases, students learn how a derivatives trader in Hong Kong affects housing prices in Florida. The students still have to take standardized test just like other schools throughout the country.


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