Europe's most fortified border is in Africa

On a wedge of land at the northern tip of the African continent lies a little piece of Europe. The city of Melilla is one of two Spanish enclaves in Morocco, a gateway to Europe in North Africa, and as such – it is one of the most heavily fortified borders in the world. Johnny Harris traveled to this corner of the world to report on the African migrants who try to make the dangerous crossing over the border and into Europe. And the political climate that seeks to keep them on the other side of the fence.

Posted by Vox on Tuesday, December 5, 2017


REFUGEES AND FORCED IMMIGRATION ’18 / III. International Interdisciplinary Conference on Refugee and Forced Immigration
OCTOBER 12-13, 2018, Istanbul, TurkeyAll papers will be published in the proceedings e-book (with an ISBN number), which will be given as a DVD at the conference. Participants can also apply to INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES; DAKAM’s Journal to be reviewed.

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Australia and refugees

Flanagan, R. (2017, November 24). Australia built a hell for refugees on Manus. The shame will outlive us all | Richard Flanagan. The Guardian. Retrieved from

On Wednesday the UNHCR described what was now unfolding on Manus as a humanitarian crisis that was entirely preventable and a “damning indictment of a policy meant to avoid Australia’s international obligations”.

On Thursday 12 Australians of the Year signed an open letter calling on the government to restore water, food supplies, electricity and medical services to the refugees, warning it was a “human disaster that was unfolding” and that “it was inevitable that people will become sick and die”.

We should not forget the plans in 2015 for Dutton’s newly militarised Border Force officials to patrol Melbourne streets checking people’s papers, abandoned only in the face of overwhelming public anger.

Immigration and Crime

New Study Found No Link Between Immigration and Increased Crime in Forty Years of Data

In a study done at the University at Buffalo however, no links were found between the two. According to the findings, immigration instead appears to be linked to reductions in some types of crimes instead.

Julia Rainer discussion

Julia Rainer,

a guest speaker at the HONS 221 Migration and Refugees in a Global World class tonight, Thursday, 5PM, MC 206.

The guest speaker Julia Rainer, is the Austrian Youth Ambassador to the United Nations.
Julia will be having an information conversation with the students, which will academically will be oriented toward assisting the students with their final projects.
The meeting will take place on Adobe Connect:

  • Julia is 24 years old and that appeals to the average age of our students
  • Julia is an acting member of the United Nations:
  • Julia is active not only professionally, but also on a private level with the refugee crisis in Europe. She will share with the class first-hand impressions and will lead a discussion on parallels with the migration and refugee situation in the United States and, in particular, in St. Cloud.

Hungary border fence

Hungary starts building second, ’smart’ border fence

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing government considers migration to be one of the largest threats to the status quo in the EU. But officials in Brussels and some other EU centers are distressed by some of his go-it-alone policies.

Orban was also a rare EU leader to endorse U.S. President Donald Trump, who is seeking to built a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

refugees in Minnesota

Dangerous passage: Refugees in Minnesota risk death to reach Canada

“Why I take this risk?” he asked. “(It) is because there was no humanity in the United States any longer because of the new administration.”

Fear is driving people to take desperate action, according to Maggie Yaboah, president of the 1,200-member Ghanaian Union of Manitoba, which often provides informal assistance to new arrivals.