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How the German Right Wing Dominates Social Media


April 29, 2019

A comprehensive analysis has revealed the degree to which German right-wing populists from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party are dominating the social media landscape. They might be getting help from abroad.
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Far right and Germany

Anti-Immigrant Protest Turns Violent In Eastern German City Of Chemnitz

August 28, 2018 2:32 AM ET

Silvia Faschner (her name has been changed by the editors) is standing off to the side. The 64-year-old undertaker has come with her son, who works as an elderly care nurse. She points over to the other side where a group has gathered to protest right-wing extremists in Chemnitz. And where a handful of young men from Syria have assembled under a tree.

Furious at the Federal Government

Faschner points to the Syrians and says: “I just don’t want so many foreigners coming. When I look over there, I wonder why my tax money is spent on them. They just want to be professional football players or singers, but if they actually have to do a bit of hard work, they complain that their back hurts!”

She doesn’t know the exact numbers. But according to statistics reported by the local Chemnitz newspaper Freie Presse, foreigners made up only 7.6 percent of the city’s population at the beginning of 2018, while the share of refugees was just 2.41 percent. The newspaper cited statistics compiled by Chemnitz City Hall.


In 1991, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a group of 500 neo-Nazis attacked buildings housing refugees in Hoyerswerda, northeast of Chemnitz. Since then, there have been far-right attacks against minority groups in Leipzig, and Freital, also in Saxony. The state capital, Dresden, is the birthplace of the anti-Muslim, nationalist movement Pegida, a German acronym for a title that translates roughly as Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.

German Far-Right and Counterprotesters Clash in Chemnitz

Russian Times


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Germany responsibility about Ukraine

transcribed here:

When Adolf Hitler spoke about the United States, it was generally, before the war at least, with admiration.

Ukrainian nationalism was one of the reasons given by Stalin for the great famine of 1933-1934, for the massive deportations of inhabitants of Soviet Ukraine after WWII, and for the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014.


Listen Up America!

A months ago if I asked many Americans for their thoughts on Syria and the Syrian refugees crisis, most would have nothing (negative or positive) to say.

Today, after the Paris attacks, it seems that many Americans know all there is to know about Syrian refugees and have decided to declare a verdict!

Today, I received the following that I chose to share in here.


Listen Up America!

In a little house in Amsterdam seven people huddled. They were afraid for their lives and indeed only one will survive. Anne Frank’s Jewish family was hiding from the Nazis who hated them. They tried to get away. They applied for emigration status to both England and the United States of America, but in the 1940s… Continue reading

German Conservatives Deeply Split over Refugees

Merkel Under Fire: German Conservatives Deeply Split over Refugees

As is often the case among Germany’s conservatives, this debate is about power and conceit. But this time, there is also an issue at the center of the clash. Seehofer and Merkel represent polar opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the refugee debate. Seehofer stands for barbed wire. Merkel stands for peace and acceptance.