“Fair Use of Instructional Materials” Workshops

The following is a list of free Spring 2013 “Fair Use of Instructional Materials” workshops. All workshops will take place in MC205 (PDR room, on 2nd floor of the Miller Center Library).

SCSU employees or students interested in attending a workshop must register using the STARS system.

Please contact Rachel Wexelbaum at rswexelbaum@stcloudstate.edu with any questions.

Fair Use of Instructional Materials 1/23/2013 10:00 AM –
1/23/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 1/25/2013 10:00 AM –
1/25/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 1/31/2013 3:00 PM –
1/31/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 1/31/2013 3:00 PM –
1/31/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 2/1/2013 10:00 AM –
2/1/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 2/5/2013 3:00 PM –
2/5/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 2/7/2013 10:00 AM –
2/7/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 2/28/2013 3:00 PM –
2/28/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/1/2013 10:00 AM –
3/1/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/5/2013 3:00 PM –
3/5/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/6/2013 3:00 PM –
3/6/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/7/2013 3:00 PM –
3/7/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/8/2013 10:00 AM –
3/8/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/11/2013 10:00 AM –
3/11/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/13/2013 10:00 AM –
3/13/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/14/2013 10:00 AM –
3/14/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/15/2013 10:00 AM –
3/15/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 3/22/2013 10:00 AM –
3/22/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/2/2013 3:00 PM –
4/2/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/4/2013 3:00 PM –
4/4/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/5/2013 10:00 AM –
4/5/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/19/2013 10:00 AM –
4/19/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/25/2013 3:00 PM –
4/25/2013 3:30 PM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/26/2013 10:00 AM –
4/26/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 4/30/2013 10:00 AM –
4/30/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 5/1/2013 10:00 AM –
5/1/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 5/3/2013 10:00 AM –
5/3/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 5/9/2013 10:00 AM –
5/9/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 5/10/2013 10:00 AM –
5/10/2013 10:30 AM


Fair Use of Instructional Materials 5/15/2013 10:00 AM –
5/15/2013 10:30 AM




New Books, EBooks, and DVDs

Author Title Call Number Collection
Scotland And France In The Enlighte B1402.E55 S38 2004 Main
Understanding The Mysteries Of Huma BF199 .L43 2012 DVD
Henshaw, John M Tour Of The Senses : How Your Brain BF233 .H46 2012 Main
Norgaard, Kari Living In Denial : Climate Change, BF353.5.C55 N67 2011 Main
Arthur, Winfred Conducting Meta-Analysis Using SAS BF39 .A78 2001 Main
Borg, Ingwer. Modern Multidimensional Scaling BF39.2.M85 B67 2005 Main
Novella, Steven Your Deceptive Mind A Scientific BF408 .N68 2012 DVD
Popper, Micha, Fact And Fantasy About Leadership BF637.L4 P6 2012 Main
Buss, Arnold H. Pathways To Individuality : Evoluti BF698 .B876 2012 Main
James, Lawrence Assessing The Implicit Personality BF698.5 .J34 2012 Main
Fathering : What It Means To Be A Dad BF723.F35 F38 2009 DVD
Ariely, Dan, au (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty BJ1533.H7 A75 2012 Main
Social Psychology Of Morality BJ45 .S635 2012 Main
Lynch, John, New Worlds : A Religious History Of BR600 .L96 2012 Main
Shaw, Jane, Miracles In Enlightenment England BR757 .S44 2006 Main
Ericksen, Rober Complicity In The Holocaust BR856 .E736 2012 Main
Walzer, Michael In God’s Shadow : Politics In The  BS1199.P6 W35 2012 Main
Jewish Annotated New Testament BS2091.5 .A1 2011 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Jacobsen, Torst History Of The Vandals D139 .J33 2012 Main
Briones, Matthe Jim And Jap Crow : A Cultural Histo D769.8.A6 K5433 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Ghosts Of The Third Reich D804.348 .G56 2012 DVD
Ashton, Rosemar Victorian Bloomsbury DA685.B65 A84 2012 Main
Benadusi, Loren Enemy Of The New Man : Homosexualit DG571 .B437813 2012 Main
Richards, Susan Lost And Found In Russia : Lives In DK510.29 .R54 2010 Main
Ghosheh, Subhi Jerusalem : Arab Social Life, Tradi DS109.93 .G48 2009 Main
Oz, Amos. Jews And Words DS113 .O98 2012 Main
Laqueur, Walter Harvest Of A Decade : Disraelia And DS135.E83 L325 2012 Main
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Inquisitorial Inquiries : Brief  DS135.S8 A155 2011 Main
Bartels, Peggie King Peggy : An American Secretary DT512.44.B36 A3 2012 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Núñez Cabeza de South American Expeditions, 1540-15 E125.N9 A3 2011 Main
Presidential Documents : Words That E176.1 .P889 2013 Main
CQ Press Guide To U.S. Foreign Poli E183.7 .C7 2012 Main
New Jewish Leaders E184.36.S65 N49 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Winn, Kenneth H Exiles In A Land Of Liberty : Mormo E184.M8 W56 1989 Main
Race The Power Of An Illusion E185 .R234 2003x DVD
Putnam, Aric, Insistent Call : Rhetorical Moments E185.625 .P88 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Lubasch, Arnold Robeson : An American Ballad E185.97.R63 L83 2012 Main
Hoffer, Peter C Brave New World : A History Of Earl E188 .H74 2006 Main
Nelson, Scott R People At War : Civilians And Soldi E415.7 .N36 2007 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Stone, Oliver. Untold History Of The United States E741 .S76 2012 Main
Oxford Handbook Of North American E77.9 .O94 2012 Main
Renville, Mary Thrilling Narrative Of Indian Capti E83.86 .R46 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Miller, David W Forced Removal Of American Indians E98.R4 M55 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Leiker, James N Northern Cheyenne Exodus In History E99.C53 L45 2011 Main
Blyth, Lance R. Chiricahua And Janos : Communities E99.C68 B59 2012 Main
Dakota 38 E99.D1 D35 2012 DVD
Hedren, Paul L. After Custer : Loss And Transformat E99.D1 H44 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Two Spirits E99.N3 T96 2009 DVD
Author Title Call Number Collection
Mraz, John. Photographing The Mexican Revolutio F1234 .M93317 2012 Main
Waterman, Bryan Republic Of Intellect : The Friendl F128.44 .W37 2007 Main
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Everton, Macduf Modern Maya : Incidents Of Travel A F1435 .E894 2012 Main
Colby, Jason M. Business Of Empire : United Fruit, F1436.8.U6 C65 2011 Main
Matthew, Laura Memories Of Conquest : Becoming Mex F1465.1.C57 M37 2012 Main
Roads To Change In Maya Guatemala F1465.2.Q5 R613 2005 Main
After The Coup : An Ethnographic  F1466.5 .A47 2011 Main
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Velasco Ortiz, Mexican Voices Of The Border Region F787 .V45 2011 Main
Chait, Sandra M Seeking Salaam : Ethiopians, Eritre F855.2.E74 C53 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Pickford, Joel. Soul Calling : A Photographic Journ F870.H55 P53 2012 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Family Tourism : Multidisciplinary G155.A1 F255 2012 Main
Blackwell, Andr Visit Sunny Chernobyl G156.5.E58 B53 2012 Main
Hill, Mary C. Effective Groundwater Model Calibra GB1001.72.M35 H55 2007 Main
Kazemi, Gholam Groundwater Age GB1001.72.R34 K39 2006 Main
Geochemical Modeling Of Groundwater GB1005 .G425 2012 Main
Coastal Aquifer Management GB1199 .C63 2004 Main
Gilli, Eric. Hydrogeology : Objectives, Methods, GB1199 .G5513 2013 Main
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Human Family Tree GN743 .H86 2009 DVD
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Fields In Motion : Ethnography In GV1594 .F54 2012 Main
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Buzzard, Karen. Tracking The Audience : The Ratings HE8700.66.U6 B895 2012 Main
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Rethinking Undergraduate Business HF1106 .R47 2011 Main
Skrabec, Quenti 100 Most Significant Events In Amer HF3021 .S57 2012 Main
Citation Classics From The Journal HF5387 .C493 2013 Main
Preventive Stress Management In Org HF5548.85 .P762 2013 Main
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Frone, Michael Alcohol And Illicit Drug Use In The HF5549.5.A4 F76 2013 Main
Psychology Of Assessment Centers HF5549.5.A78 P77 2012 Main
O’Connell, Bill Solution Focused Coaching In Practi HF5549.5.C53 O36 2012 Main
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Handbook Of Research On Stock Marke HG4551 .H318 2012 Main
Resolving The European Debt Crisis HJ8615 .R47 2012 Main
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Impact Of Gender Quotas HQ1236 .I465 2012 Main
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Flirting With Danger Power And HQ29 .F557 2012 DVD
Sarkisian, Nata Nuclear Family Values, Extended Fam HQ536 .S3336 2011 Main
Plant, Rebecca Mom : The Transformation Of Motherh HQ759 .P564 2010 Main
Gen Silent : A Documentary Film About HQ76.27.O44 G46 2011 DVD
Stone, Amy L. Gay Rights At The Ballot Box HQ76.8.U5 S76 2012 Main
Babies HQ767.9 .B33 2009 DVD
Childhood And Adolescence In Societ HQ767.9 .C4453 2012 Main
Geographies Of Children, Youth And HQ767.9 .G46 2011 Main
Transcending Gender Portraits From HQ77.95.U6 T73 2010 DVD
Socioemotional Development In The HQ774.5 .S583 2007 Main
Schmidt-Nowara, Slavery, Freedom, And Abolition In HT1052.5 .S36 2011 Main
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Miller, Joseph Problem Of Slavery As History HT861 .M55 2012 Main
Gernon, Rebecca Amy Signs : A Mother, Her Deaf Daug HV2391 .G47 2012 Main
Hohman, Melinda Motivational Interviewing In Social HV40 .H629 2012 Main
For Love And Money : Care Provision HV40.8.U6 F67 2012 Main
Streets Of Plenty HV4493 .S77 2010 DVD
Saving Face HV6250.4.W65 S28 2012 DVD
New Directions In Genocide Research HV6322.7 .N47 2012 Main
Sociology Of Katrina : Perspectives HV636 2005.N4 S63 2010 Main
Tucker, Edward American Culture Transformed HV6432.7 .T85 2012 Main
Richie, Beth. Arrested Justice : Black Women, Vio HV6626.2 .R57 2012 Main
Last Will And Embezzlement HV6626.3 .L378 2011 DVD
Infants, Toddlers, And Families In HV699 .I48 2012 Main
Murray, Elizabe Trails Of Evidence How Forensic Sci HV8073 .M85 2012 DVD
Jewish Radicals : A Documentary His HX550.J4 J49 2012 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Robinson, E. Mathematical Look At Politics JA71.5 .R63 2011 Main
Lempert, Michael Creatures Of Politics JA85.2.U6 L46 2012eb E-Books
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Interest Groups Unleashed JK1118 .I59 2013 Main
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Religion, Race, And Barack Obama’s JK526 2008 .R45 2013 Main
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Native Claims : Indigenous Law K3248.L36 N38 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Author Title Call Number Collection
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Environmental Law Handbook KF3775 .E473 2011 Main
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Bronner, Simon Campus Traditions : Folklore From  LA229 .B655 2012 Main
Ayers, Rick. Teaching The Taboo : Courage And Im LB1025.3 .A934 2011 Main
Wood, Chip. Yardsticks : Children In The Classr LB1115 .W82 2007 Main
Ma’ayan, Hadar Reading Girls : The Lives And Liter LB1135 .M27 2012 Main
Hickman, Peggy, Dynamic Read-Aloud Strategies For LB1573.5 .H53 2009 Main
No Quick Fix : Rethinking Literacy LB1576 .N8 2007 Main
Sadder, Maya. Literacy Coach’s Game Plan LB1576 .S223 2009 Main
Lamping, Sally. Trust Me! I Can Read : Building LB1632 .L338 2012 Main
Effective College And University LB2331 .E385 2012 Main
Levin, Barbara Leading Technology-Rich Schools LB2805 .L392 2012 Main
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Setting Performance Standards LB3060.83 .S57 2012 Main
Cambridge Handbook Of Literacy LC149 .C28 2009 Main
Biondi, Martha. Black Revolution On Campus LC2781 .B38 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Assessing Spanish-English Bilingual LC3723 .A88 2011 Main
Shelden, M’Lisa Early Intervention Teaming Handbook LC4019.3 .S54 2013 Main
Starting Up : Critical Lessons From LC5131 .S67 2012 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Black & White Night M1630.18.O73 B53 2004 DVD
Save Your Voice MT821 .S38 1995 DVD
Ungovernables N6512.7 .N49 2012 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Made In L.A. 2012 : Ellegood, First N6530.C22 L67 2012 Main
Schwabsky, Barr Jessica Stockholder N6537.S732 S38 1995 Main
Doig, Peter, Peter Doig N6797.D55 A4 2007 Main
Doig, Peter, Peter Doig N6797.D55 A4 2011 Main
Richter, Gerhar Gerhard Richter : Panorama N6888.R49 A4 2011 Main
Medina, Cuauhte Francis Alÿs N6973.A45 A4 2007x Main
Lopez-Garcia, A Antonio Lopez-Garcia : Paintings An N7113.L6 A4 2011 Main
Rist, Pipilotti Pipilotti Rist N7148 .P44 2001 Main
Hirschhorn, Tho Thomas Hirschhorn N7153.H57 H57 2004 Main
Withers, Rachel Roman Signer N7153.S54 W58 2007 Main
Stiles, Kristin Marina Abramovic N7253.A25 S75 2008 Main
Paul, Christian Digital Art N7433.8 .P38 2008 Main
Stubbs, John H. Time Honored : A Global View Of Arc NA105 .S79 2009 Main
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Contemporary Painting In Context ND195 .C66 2010 Main
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Lurie, Samuel J Fired With Passion : Contemporary  NK4167.7 .L875 2006 Main
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Euripides. Hecuba ; The Trojan Women ; Androma PA3975 .A2 2001b Main
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Euripides. Iphigenia In Tauris And Other Plays PA3975 .A2 2010 Main
Euripides. Trojan Women And Other Plays PA3975 .A2 2010a Main
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Another Country PN1997 .A568 2004 DVD
Anton Chekhov Collection PN1997 .A58 2008 DVD
Ballad Of The Sad Cafe PN1997 .B1372 2005 DVD
Bed You Sleep In PN1997 .B41 2000 Main
Arms And The Man PN1997 .B4763 2006 DVD
Cockfighter PN1997 .C6557 2000 DVD
Tall Guy PN1997 .T355 2011 DVD
Coriolanus PN1997.2 .C6756 2012 DVD
Little Miss Sunshine PN1997.2 .L58 2006 DVD
Raise The Red Lantern PN1997.2 .R3574 2007 DVD
Palata No 6 = Ward No. 6 PN1997.2 .W37 2011 DVD
Marcus, Paul, Theater As Life : Practical Wisdom PN2071.P78 M37 2011 Main
Donahue, Tim, Theater Careers : A Realistic Guide PN2074 .D66 2012 Main
Eastman, Caroly Nation Of Speechifiers PN4055.U5 E27 2010 Main
Tewksbury, Davi News On The Internet : Information PN4784.C615 T48 2012 Main
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Goldsby, Robert Moliere On Stage : What’s So Funny? PQ1871 .G65 2012 Main
Stael, Madame d Corinne, Or, Italy PQ2431.C7 E5 2008 Main
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Woman In Latin American And Spanish PQ7081.43 .W66 2012 Main
Fingueret, Manu Daughter Of Silence PQ7798.16.I54 H5513 2012 Main
Exotic Territory : A Bilingual Anth PQ8256.Z51 E96 2011 Main
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Author Title Call Number Collection
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Chen, Hongwei. Excursions In Classical Analysis QA301 .C49 2010 Main
Perkins, David. Calculus And Its Origins QA303.3 .P47 2012 Main
Bremigan, Eliza Mathematics For Secondary School QA39.3 .B75 2011 Main
First Course In Mathematical Modeli QA401 .G55 2009 Main
Alsina, Claudi. Icons Of Mathematics : An Explorati QA466 .A47 2011 Main
Kendig, Keith, Guide To Plane Algebraic Curves QA567 .K46 2011 Main
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Lewis, E. E. Fundamentals Of Nuclear Reactor Phy QC776 .L4416 2008 Main
Malley, Marjorie Caroline Radioactivity  QC794.6.R3 M35 2011eb E-Books
Boykoff, Maxwel Who Speaks For The Climate? QC903 .B68 2011 Main
Washington, Haydn Climate Change Denial  QC903 .W37 2011eb E-Books
Forecast Verification QC996.5 .F67 2012 Main
Roob, Alexander Alchemy & Mysticism : The Hermetic QD25 .R58713 2006 Main
CRC Handbook Of Chemistry And Physi QD65 .C72 2012 Main
Scarth, Alwyn. Volcanoes Of Europe QE526 .S24 2001 Main
Green Fire Aldo Leopold And A Land QH31.L618 G74 2011 Aid
Estabrook, Geor Computational Approach To Statistic QH323.5 .E88 2011 Main
Strausfeld, Nic Arthropod Brains : Evolution, Funct QL434.72 .S77 2012 Main
Singer’s Voice QP306 .S56 2005 DVD
Sapolsky, Rober Biology And Human Behavior The Neur QP355.2 .S37 2005 DVD
Origins Of The Human Mind QP376 .H596 2010 DVD
Author Title Call Number Collection
Dying Wish R726 .D95 2008 DVD
Barken, Frederi Out Of Practice : Fighting For Prim R729.5.G4 B36 2011 Main
Gordon, Suzanne Beyond The Checklist : What Else R729.5.H4 G67 2013 Main
Patient Safety Handbook R729.8 .P38 2013 Main
Synovitz, Linda Complementary And Alternative Medic R733 .S96 2013 Main
Question Of Competence : Reconsider R735 .Q47 2013 Main
Health Informatics R858 .H3478 2012 Main
Health Physics And Radiological Hea R896.7 .H43 2012 Main
Leap, Terry L., Phantom Billing, Fake Prescriptions RA395.A3 L4125 2011 Main
Filc, Dani. Circles Of Exclusion : The Politics RA395.I75 F55 2009 Main
Gapenski, Louis Fundamentals Of Healthcare Finance RA410 .G37 2012 Main
World Health Systems : Challenges  RA441 .W676 2012 Main
Public Health For An Aging Society RA564.8 .P84 2012 Main
Resnik, David B Environmental Health Ethics RA566 .R47 2012 Main
Quammen, David, Spillover : Animal Infections And RA639 .Q83 2012 Main
Three Decades Of HIV/AIDS In Asia RA643.86.A78 T54 2012 Main
Killer At Large RA645.O23 K55 2009 DVD
Destructive Trends In Mental Health RA790.5 .D47 2005 Main
Gass, Thomas Ed Nobody’s Home : Candid Reflections RA997 .G376 2004 Main
Heshusius, Lous Inside Chronic Pain RB127 .H47 2009 Main
Athletic Training And Sports Medici RC1210 .A84 2013 Main
Smith, Leonard Lunatic Hospitals In Georgian Engla RC450.G7 S633 2007 Main
Science And Pseudoscience In Clinic RC467 .S432 2003 Main
Baltzell, James Meditation For The Rest Of Us RC489.M43 B35 2009 Main
Solution Focused Therapy RC489.S65 S65 2007 DVD
Science Of Healing With Dr. Esther RC49 .S35 2009 DVD
O’Connor, Danie Clinical Pathology For Athletic Tra RC55 .O36 2008 Main
Krippner, Stanl Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder RC552.P67 K75 2012 Main
Statistical Evaluation Of Diagnosti RC71.35 .S73 2012 Main
Webb’s Physics Of Medical Imaging RC78.7.D53 P48 2012 Main
Atkins, Chloe G My Imaginary Illness : A Journey In RC935.M8 A85 2010 Main
Reynolds, Hande Big Squeeze : A Social And Politica RG493.5.R33 R49 2012 Main
Holloway, Kris. Monique And The Mango Rains RG510.D45 H64 2007 Main
Miracle Of Birth 2 : Five Birth Stori RG973 .M42 2004 DVD
Boukydis, Zack. Collaborative Consultation With Par RJ504 .B68 2012 Main
Game-Based Teaching And Simulation RT73 .G36 2013 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Garden SB457.3 .G373 2009 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Johnson, Lynn E Geographic Information Systems In TC409 .J66 2009 Main
McNeil, Bryan T Combating Mountaintop Removal TD195.C58 M38 2011 Main
Hendley, Doc. Wine To Water : A Bartender’s Quest TD327 .H46 2012 Main
Ocean Acidification TD427.A27 O24 2011 Main
Lentini, John J Scientific Protocols For Fire Inves TH9180 .L46 2013 Main
Franklin, Gene Feedback Control Of Dynamic Systems TJ216 .F723 2010 Main
Lurie, B. J. Classical Feedback Control With Mat TJ216 .L865 2012 Main
Fortuna, L. Optimal And Robust Control : Advanc TJ217.2 .F67 2012 Main
Gross, Charles Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineer TK148 .G84 2012 Main
Chiang, Mung. Networked Life : 20 Questions And TK5105.5 .C48226 2012 Main
Medhi, Deepanka Network Routing : Algorithms TK5105.5 .M425 2007 Main
Network Attacks And Defenses TK5105.59 .N3365 2013 Main
Petersen, Julie Handbook Of Surveillance Technologi TK7882.E2 P48 2012 Main
Lamarsh, John R Introduction To Nuclear Engineering TK9145 .L28 2001 Main
Anastas, Paul T Green Chemistry : Theory And Practi TP155 .A657 1998 Main
Doble, Mukesh. Green Chemistry And Processes TP155.2.E58 D63 2007 Main
Handbook Of Green Chemistry And Tec TP155.2.E58 H36 2002 Main
Lancaster, M. Green Chemistry : An Introductory  TP155.2.E58 L35 2010 Main
Matlack, Albert Introduction To Green Chemistry TP155.2.E58 M38 2001 Main
Innovation, Dual Use, And Security TP248.23 .I56 2012 Main
Food Design TP370 .F562 2009 DVD
Fried, Michael. Why Photography Matters As Art As TR642 .F75 2008 Main
Beshty, Walead, Walead Beshty : Natural Histories TR647 .B4625 2011 Main
Beshty, Walead, Walead Beshty : Selected Correspond TR655 .B467 2010 Main
Sassen, Viviane Parasomnia TR655 .S27 2011 Main
Joglekar, Anand Industrial Statistics TS156.8 .J62 2010 Main
Tool And Manufacturing Engineers  TS176 .T63 1989 Main
Allen, John S. Omnivorous Mind : Our Evolving Rela TX357 .A453 2012 Main
Kaufman, Sheila Sephardic Israeli Cuisine TX724 .K395 2002 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Morillo, Stephe What Is Military History? U27 .M67 2012 Main
Scannell-Desch, Nurses In War : Voices From Iraq UH495.U6 S33 2012 Main
Author Title Call Number Collection
Hall, James W. Hit Lit : Cracking The Code Of The Z1033.B3 H35 2012 Main

Not All Films Are Created Equal

The Miller Center Library has an extensive film collection of VHS and DVDs. While all of these films are property of St. Cloud State University, they each come with different combinations of performance rights. While all of the films have classroom performance rights, for the most part, those only extend to face to face classroom instruction. If you would like to stream a film through D2L, or through our video reserves system, you might be out of luck due to the restrictions placed upon colleges and universities by the TEACH Act.

Well…it is fair. The TEACH Act (short for the Technology, Education, And Copyright Harmonization Act) prevents filmmakers from losing profits from non-fair use. One of those filmmakers could be YOU!

Under the TEACH Act, colleges and universities must meet the following requirements to stream video online:

• The institution must be an accredited, non-profit educational institution.
• The use must be part of mediated instructional activities.
• The use must be limited to a specific number of students enrolled in a specific class.
• The use must either be for ‘live’ or asynchronous class sessions.
• The use must not include the transmission of textbook materials, materials “typically purchased or acquired
by students,” or works developed specifically for online uses.

• Only “reasonable and limited portions,” such as might be performed or displayed during a typical live
classroom session, may be used.
• The institution must have developed and publicized its copyright policies, specifically informing students that course content may be covered by copyright, and include a notice of copyright on the online materials.
• The institution must implement some technological measures to ensure compliance with these policies, beyond merely assigning a password. Ensuring compliance through technological means may include user and location authentication through Internet Protocol (IP) checking, content timeouts, print-disabling, cut and paste disabling, etc.

The new exemptions under the TEACH Act specifically do not extend to:
Electronic reserves, coursepacks (electronic or paper) or interlibrary loan (ILL).
• Commercial document delivery.
• Textbooks or other digital content provided under license from the author, publisher, aggregator or other entity.
• Conversion of materials from analog to digital formats, except when the converted material is used solely for authorized transmissions and when a digital version of a work is unavailable or protected by
technological measures.
It is also important to note that the TEACH Act does not supersede fair use or existing digital license agreements.

SO WHAT???   

So this means the following:

1. Streaming an entire video through a password protected course management system may require permission from the producer or distributor. It is possible that the permission comes at a price.

2. Check out our Films on Demand online video collection! We have the rights to stream these videos through our course management system.

3. Seek counseling. Is it necessary to show an entire video to a class, or only strategic parts? Is it necessary to show the same video over and over? Is it time for a change? I welcome these discussions…let’s talk!

New Books and EBooks! (October 2012)

This is a list of recently acquired books and EBooks, ready for browsing and checkout!

If a title sounds interesting to you, click on it for more information.

If you would like to request a book or an EBook, please use our Purchase Request Form. Selection decisions are made using our Collection Development Criteria.

Author Title Call Number Collection
Tuan, Yi-fu, Humanist Geography : An Individual’s B821 .T82 2012 Main
McGettigan, Tim Good Science : The Pursuit Of Truth BC171 .M37 2011 Main
Fligstein, Neil Theory Of Fields / BD373 .F57 2012 Main
Feedback : The Communication Of BF319.5.F4 F444 2012 Main
Beenstock, Mich Heredity, Family, And Inequality : BF341 .B3735 2012 Main
Seelig, Tina Ly Ingenius : A Crash Course On Creativity BF408 .S3865 2012 Main
L’Abate, Lucian Hurt Feelings : Theory, Research,  BF515 .L32 2011 Main
Herz, Rachel, That’s Disgusting : Unraveling The BF575.A886 H47 2012 Main
Vela-McConnell, Unlikely Friends : Bridging Ties An BF575.F66 V45 2011 Main
Klein, Jessie. Bully Society : School Shootings An BF637.B85 K584 2012 Main
Berlinerblau, J How To Be Secular : A Call To Arms BL2747.8 .B477 2012 Main
Gregory, Brad S Unintended Reformation BL2747.8 .G74 2012 Main
Global Islamophobia Muslims And BP52 .G56 2011eb E-Books
Seager, Richard Buddhism In America / BQ732 .S43 2012 Main
Gjerde, Jon, Catholicism And The Shaping Of 19th BR525 .G47 2011 Main
Chmielewski, La Spice Of Popery : Converging Christian BR555.M2 C46 2012 Main
Ideologies In Archaeology / CC72 .I34 2011 Main
Stott, Anne. Wilberforce Family And Friends / DA522.W6 S76 2012eb E-Books
Maclean, Fitzro Scotland : A Concise History / DA760 .M193 2012 Main
Gerwarth, Rober Hitler’s Hangman : The Life Of Heyd DD247.H42 G47 2011 Main
Nagorski, Andre Hitlerland : American Eyewitnesses DD253 .N225 2012 Main
Campbell, J. B. Romans And Their World / DG209 .C28 2011 Main
Plamper, Jan, Stalin Cult : A Study In The Alchem DK268.S8 P535 2012 Main
Raffensperger, Reimagining Europe : Kievan Rus’ In DK73 .R24 2012 Main
Meng, Michael. Shattered Spaces : Encountering Jew DS134.26 .M46 2011 Main
Haleṿi, Saʻadi Jewish Voice From Ottoman Salonica DS135.G73 H35 2012 Main
Ancel, Jean. History Of The Holocaust In Romania DS135.R7 A719813 2011 Main
Reitter, Paul. On The Origins Of Jewish Self-Hatred DS145 .R458 2012 Main
Edde, Anne-Mari Saladin / DS38.4.S2 E3213 2011 Main
Sadasivan, Bala Dancing Girl : A History Of Early  DS451 .S25 2011 Main
Nguyễn Công L Nationalist In The Viet Nam Wars  DS556.93.N5215 A3 2012 Main
Lair, Meredith Armed With Abundance : Consumerism DS558.2 .L35 2011 Main
Harvey, Frank P Explaining The Iraq War DS79.757 .H37 2012 Main
Lecocq, Jean Se Disputed Desert : Decolonisation, DT551.45.T83 L43 2010 Main
Tyldesley, Joyc Tutankhamen : The Search For An DT87.5 .T95 2012 Main
Troy, Gil. Why Moderates Make The Best Preside E176.1 .T785 2012 Main
Hughey, Matthew White Bound : Nationalists, Antiracists E184.A1 H84 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Slate, Nico. Colored Cosmopolitanism : The Share E185.61 .S6185 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Johnson, Lakesi Iconic : Decoding Images Of The Rev E185.86 .J6433 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Warren, Nagueya Grandfather Of Black Studies : W.E. E185.97.D73 W37 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Anne Braden Southern Patriot / E185.98.B73 A56 2012 DVD
Unger, Harlow G John Quincy Adams / E377 .U57 2012 Main
Sadlier, Rosema Harriet Tubman : Freedom Seeker,  E444.T82 S22 2012 Main
Lundstrom, John One Drop In A Sea Of Blue E515.5 9th .L86 2012 Main
Lurie, Jonathan William Howard Taft : The Travails E762 .L87 2012 Main
Treuer, Anton. Everything You Wanted To Know About E77 .T795 2012 Main
Christgau, John Birch Coulie : The Epic Battle Of E83.86 .C47 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Aldous, Richard Reagan And Thatcher : The Difficult E877 .A75 2012 Main
Dorrien, Gary J Obama Question : A Progressive Pers E908.3 .D67 2012 Main
Stanford, Denni Across Atlantic Ice : The Origin Of E99.C832 S73 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Monjeau-Marz, C Dakota Indian Internment At Fort Sn E99.D1 .M665 2006 Main
Hyman, Colette Dakota Women’s Work : Creativity,  E99.D1 H96 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
In The Footsteps Of Our Ancestors : E99.D1 I25 2006 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Westerman, Gwen Mni Sota Makoce : The Land Of The  E99.D1 W63 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Wilson, Diane, Beloved Child : A Dakota Way Of Life E99.D1 W837 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Ray, Deborah Ko Paiute Princess : The Story Of Sara E99.P2 R39 2011 Juvenile
Feiling, Tom. Short Walks From Bogota : Journeys F2260 .F45 2012 Main
Open Season F590.H55 O64 2011 DVD
Valdes, Dennis Mexicans In Minnesota / F615.M5 V35 2005 Main
Milk, Harvey. Harvey Milk Interviews : In His Own F869.S353 M5465 2012 Main
Bonhomme, Brian Russian Exploration, From Siberia  G292 .B66 2012 Main
Dodds, Klaus. Antarctic : A Very Short Introduction G860 .D63 2012 Main
Transcultural Bodies Female Genital GN484 .T734 2007eb E-Books
Gottschall, Jon Storytelling Animal : How Stories GR72.3 .G67 2012 Main
Danylewich, Pau Fearless The Complete Personal Safe GV1111.5 .D36 2000eb E-Books
Ramstad, C. J. First To The Pole : The Exciting True GV856.7.A73 R267 2011 Main
Schlefer, Jonat Assumptions Economists Make / HB171 .S376 2012 Main
Roberts, Alasda America’s First Great Depression : HB3717 1837 .R63 2012 Main
In The Wake Of The Crisis : Leading HB3717 2008 .I6 2012 Main
Barth, James R. Guardians Of Finance : Making Regul HB3722 .B374 2012 Main
Meltzer, Allan Why Capitalism? / HB501 .M565 2012 Main
Cohen, Daniel, Prosperity Of Vice : A Worried View HB75 .C64 2012 Main
Miller, Daniel, Consumption And Its Consequences / HB801 .M55 2012 Main
Killingsworth, Ecospeak Rhetoric And Environmental HC110.E5 K5 1992eb E-Books
Turner, James M Promise Of Wilderness American Envi HC110.E5 T87 2012eb E-Books
Benner, Chris. Just Growth : Inclusion And Prosper HC110.I5 B46 2012 Main
Munck, Ronaldo. Contemporary Latin America / HC125 .M855 2012 Main
Mole, Noelle J. Labor Disorders In Neoliberal Italy HC303 .M65 2012 Main
Growth, Inequality And Social Devel HC440.P6 G76 2012 Main
Meyer, Claude. China Or Japan : Which Will Lead As HC460.5 .M4713 2011 Main
Garside, W. R. Japan’s Great Stagnation : Forging HC462.95 .G37 2012 Main
Inclusive Green Growth The Pathway HC79.E5 I5133 2012eb E-Books
Oakey, R. P. High-Technology Entrepreneurship HC79.H53 O148 2012eb E-Books
Keeping It In The Family : Internat HD1476.A3 L63 2012 Main
Thompson, Donal Oracles : How Prediction Markets HD30.27 .T566 2012 Main
Witzel, Morgen. History Of Management Thought / HD30.5 .W577 2011 Main
Adner, Ron. Wide Lens : A New Strategy For Innova HD45 .A46 2012 Main
George, Amiso M Case Studies In Crisis Communication HD49 .G46 2012 Main
McCartin, Josep Collision Course : Ronald Reagan,  HD5325.A4252 1981 M38 2011 Main
Kilburg, Richar Virtuous Leaders : Strategy, Charac HD57.7 .K524 2012 Main
Brain Drain And Brain Gain HD5728 .B73 2012 Main
Work Inequalities In The Crisis  HD5764.A6 W673 2011 Main
Fideler, Elizab Women Still At Work Professionals  HD6056.2.U6 F53 2012eb E-Books
Hess, Edward D. Grow To Greatness : Smart Growth HD62.7 .H483 2012 Main
Cloud, Dana L. We Are The Union : Democratic Union HD6519.W52 I6 2011 Main
Smith, Preston Racial Democracy And The Black Metro HD7288.72.U52 S65 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Gibson, Mark. Feeding Of Nations : Redefining Food HD9000.9.A1 G557 2012 Main
Eland, Ivan. No War For Oil : U.S. Dependency HD9502.U5 E48 2011 Main
Lustgarten, Abr Run To Failure : BP And The Making HD9571.9.B73 L87 2012 Main
Yates, Douglas Scramble For African Oil HD9577.A2 Y38 2012 Main
Ross, Michael L Oil Curse : How Petroleum Wealth  HD9578.D44 R67 2012 Main
Housing Monster HD9715.A2 P76 2012eb E-Books
Lorenz, Edward Civic Empowerment In An Age Of Corp HD9940.U6 F785 2012 Main
Sarvary, M. Gurus And Oracles : The Marketing  HD9999.I492 S28 2012 Main
Sky, Theodore, National Road And The Difficult Path HE356.C8 S49 2011eb E-Books
Spring, Dawn. Advertising In The Age Of Persuasion HF5415.1255 .S67 2011 Main
Kabani, Shama H Zen Of Social Media Marketing HF5415.1265 .K333 2012 Main
Schwartz, Gary, Impulse Economy : Understanding Mob HF5415.1265 .S385 2011 Main
Turow, Joseph. Daily You : How The New Advertising HF5415.32 .T945 2011 Main
Alon, Ilan. Global Franchising Operations Manag HF5429.23 .A376 2012 Main
Amabile, Teresa Progress Principle : Using Small Wins HF5549.5.M63 A58 2011 Main
Botzem, Sebasti Politics Of Accounting Regulation : HF5626 .B679 2012 Main
Johnston, David Fine Print : How Big Companies Use HF5681.I7 J64 2012 Main
Using Qualitative Research In Advertis HF5814 .U78 2012 Main
Pixley, Jocelyn Emotions In Finance : Booms, Busts HG101 .P59 2012 Main
Shah, Tarang. Venture Capitalists At Work HG4751 .S495 2011 Main
Carroll, Robert Progressive Consumption Taxation  HJ5715.U6 C28 2012eb E-Books
Schafer, Mirko Bastard Culture! How User Participation HM651 S33 2011eb E-Books
Fine, Gary Alan Tiny Publics : A Theory Of Group HM716 .F56 2012 Main
Sowell, Thomas, Intellectuals And Society / HM728 .S69 2011 Main
Schaefer, Mark. Return On Influence HM742 .S33 2012 Main
Andrews, Lori B I Know Who You Are And I Saw What HM851 .A66 2012 Main
Curran, James. Misunderstanding The Internet / HM851 .C87 2012 Main
Moghadam, Valen Globalization And Social Movements HM881 .M64 2012eb E-Books
Smith, Jackie, Social Movements In The World-Syste HN17.5 .S5863 2012 Main
Raleigh, Donald Soviet Baby Boomers : An Oral Histo HN523.5 .R357 2012 Main
Barker, Nicola, Not The Marrying Kind : A Feminist HQ1033 .B37 2012 Main
Women, Power And Politics In 21st  HQ1236.5.I7 W65 2012eb E-Books
Kahle, Lynn R. Marketplace Lifestyles In An Age Of HQ2042 .K34 2012 Main
Sex And Disability / HQ30.5 .S46 2012 Main
Distiller, Nata Fixing Gender : Lesbian Mothers And HQ75.53 .D57 2011 Main
Weiss, Sheila F Nazi Symbiosis : Human Genetics And HQ755.5.G3 W47 2010 Main
Halperin, David How To Be Gay / HQ76 .H2795 2012 Main
Letter Q : Queer Writers’ Notes To HQ76.25 .L495 2012 Main
Loftin, Craig M Masked Voices : Gay Men And Lesbian HQ76.25 .L64 2012 Main
Bodies Of Evidence : The Practice Of HQ76.3.U5 B63 2012 Main
Children, Risk And Safety On The In HQ784.I58 C49 2012 Main
Sivaramakrishna Re-visioning Indian Cities :  HT178.I4 S58 2011 Main
Climate Change And Cities HT241 .C595 2011 Main
Urban Ecology / HT241 .U7243 2010 Main
Human Rights, Suffering, And Aesthe HV6254 .H86 2011 Main
Slippery Slope To Genocide HV6322.7 .S59 2012 Main
Jones, Reece. Border Walls : Security And The War HV6432 .J654 2012 Main
North American Criminal Gangs HV6439.N67 N67 2012 Main
Swanson, Willia Black, White, Blue : The Assassinat HV6533.M6 S93 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Web Of Deceit Misinformation And  HV6773 .W423 2012eb E-Books
Zimring, Frankl City That Became Safe : New York’s HV7433.N49 Z56 2012 Main
Toch, Hans. Cop Watch : Spectators, Social Medi HV8139 .T63 2012 Main
McCoy, Alfred W Torture And Impunity : The U.S. Doc HV8599.U6 M34 2012 Main
Torture And State Violence In The Unit HV8599.U6 T678 2011 Main
Hamblet, Wendy Punishment And Shame : A Philosophi HV8693 .H36 2011 Main
Not By Faith Alone : Social Service HV91 .N68 2010 Main
Race, Ethnicity, Crime And Criminal HV9960.A45 R33 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Hirschi, Caspar Origins Of Nationalism : An Alterna JC311 .H572 2012 Main
Human Rights Revolution JC571 .H775 2012 Main
Tomasi, John, Free Market Fairness / JC574 .T657 2012 Main
Yancey, George What Motivates Cultural Progressive JK1726 .Y36 2012eb E-Books
Ipolitics : Citizens, Elections, An JK1764 .I75 2012 Main
Stout, Jeffrey. Blessed Are The Organized JK1764 .S85 2010 Main
Conrad, Sebasti German Colonialism : A Short History JV2017 .C6613 2012 Main
Ho, Christine G Humane Migration JV6035 .H6 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Arnold, Kathlee American Immigration After 1996  JV6465 .A76 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Carr, Matthew, Fortress Europe : Dispatches From JV7590 .C39 2012 Main
Patry, William How To Fix Copyright / K1420.5 .P3757 2011 Main
Martinez, Jenny Slave Trade And The Origins Of Inte K3267 .M37 2012 Main
Cooter, Robert. Solomon’s Knot : How Law Can End K487.E3 C6666 2012 Main
Bainbridge, Ste Corporate Governance After The Finan KF1422 .B333 2012 Main
Lawtalk : The Unknown Stories Behind KF156 .L39 2011 Main
Watson, Blake A Buying America From The Indians KF228.J644 W38 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Jacobs, James B Breaking The Devil’s Pact KF228.U5 J28 2011 Main
Mayeri, Serena. Reasoning From Race Feminism, Law, KF4758 .M39 2011eb E-Books
Bessler, John D Cruel & Unusual : The American Death KF9227.C2 B478 2012 Main
Goodmark, Leigh Troubled Marriage : Domestic Violence KF9322 .G65 2012 Main
Beloof, Douglas Victims’ Rights : A Documentary And KF9763 .B454 2012 Main
Delbanco, Andre College : What It Was, Is, And Should LA227.4 .D455 2012 Main
Levine, Arthur, Generation On A Tightrope A Portrait LA229 .L417 2012eb E-Books
Revolutionizing Education Through LB1028.3 .R475 2012 Main
Standish, Alex. False Promise Of Global Learning : LB1029.G55 .S73 2012 Main
Dombro, Amy Lau Powerful Interactions : How To Connect LB1033 .D64 2011 Main
Collini, Stefan What Are Universities For? / LB2322.2 .C655 2012 Main
Strayhorn, Terr College Students’ Sense Of Belonging LB3609 .S77 2012 Main
Bauman, Zygmunt On Education : Conversations With LC189 .B38 2012 Main
Pemberton, Sall Portrait Of Murdock Pemberton N7483.P433 P46 2011 Main
Forty, Adrian, Concrete And Culture : A Material  NA4125 .F67 2012 Main
Anderson, Steph Languages : A Very Short Introduction P107 .A53 2012 Main
Bigelow, Martha Mogadishu On The Mississippi : Lang P118.2 .B543 2010 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Parikka, Jussi, What Is Media Archaeology? / P90 .P336 2012 Main
King, Katie, Networked Reenactments : Stories P94.6 .K57 2011 Main
Ross, Karen, Gendered Media : Women, Men, And  P96.S45 R67 2010 Main
Hall, Sean. This Means This, This Means That  P99 .H275 2012 Main
Royster, Jacque Feminist Rhetorical Practices New  PE1405.U6 R65 2012eb E-Books
Alai, Tibetan Soul : Stories / PL2833.A5 A2 2012 Main
?ba, Minako. Of Birds Crying / PL858.B3 N3513 2011 New Fiction
Parijs, Philipp Linguistic Justice For Europe And PM7802 .P37 2011 Main
What Do We Tell The Children? : PN1009.A1 W436 2012 Main
Catanese, Brand Problem Of The Color(Blind)  PN1590.B53 C37 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Stursberg, Rich Tower Of Babble : Sins, Secrets And PN1992.4.S88 A3 2012 Main
Kavka, Misha. Reality TV / PN1992.8.R43 K395 2012 Main
Crimp, Douglas. “Our Kind Of Movie” : The Films Of PN1998.3.W366 C75 2012 Main
News With A View  PN4784.O24 N48 2012eb E-Books
After Testimony : The Ethics And PN56.H55 A37 2012 Main
Gorni, Yosef. Jewish Press And The Holocaust, 1939- PN5650 .G67 2012 Main
Tatsumi, Yoshih Fallen Words / PN6790.J33 T3813 2012 Main
NDiaye, Marie. Three Strong Women : A Novel / PQ2674.D53 T7613 2012 New Fiction
Future Is Not Ours : New Latin Amer PQ7085 .F7813 2012 Main
Barker, Pat, Toby’s Room / PR6052.A6488 T63 2012 New Fiction
Smith, Zadie. NW / PR6069.M59 N84 2012 New Fiction
Chabon, Michael Telegraph Avenue : A Novel / PS3553.H15 T45 2012 New Fiction
Heller, Peter, Dog Stars / PS3608.E454 D64 2012 New Fiction
Golden Age Of Gay Fiction / PS508.G39 G65 2009 Main
Anderson, Jodi Tiger Lily / PZ7.A53675 Ti 2012 New Fiction
Cecil, Randy. Horsefly And Honeybee / PZ7.C2999 Hor 2012 Juvenile
Hartman, Rachel Seraphina : A Novel / PZ7.H26736 Se 2012 New Fiction
Kincaid, S. J. Insignia / PZ7.K61926 Ins 2012 New Fiction
Krishnaswami, U Out Of The Way! Out Of The Way! / PZ7.K8975 Ou 2012 Juvenile
Brooks, Michael Free Radicals : The Secret Anarchy Q180.55.P75 B76 2012 Main
Pieraccini, Rob Voice In The Machine : Building Compu Q325.5 .P54 2012 Main
Using Classroom Assessment To Impro QA135.6 .U85 2011 Main
Handbook Of Formal Languages / QA267.3 .H36 1997 Main
Bennett, Jeffre Math For Life : Crucial Ideas You  QA93 .B444 2012 Main
Rusch, Elizabet Mighty Mars Rovers : The Incredible QB641 .R87 2012 Juvenile
Aspects Of Consciousness : Essays  QC6.4.C57 A87 2012 Main
Montgomery, Dav Rocks Don’t Lie : A Geologist Inves QE39.5.P3 M66 2012 Main
Bateman, Donna Out On The Prairie / QH105.S8 B38 2012 Main
Burns, Loree Gr Citizen Scientists : Be A Part Of Scie QL51 .B87 2012 Juvenile
Hanson, Thor. Feathers : The Evolution Of A Natural QL697.4 .H36 2011 Main
Ross, Michael H Histology : A Text And Atlas QM551 .R67 2011 Main
Boaz, Rachel E. In Search Of “Aryan Blood” : Serology R510 .B63 2012 Main
Nattrass, Nicol AIDS Conspiracy : Science Fights Back RA643.8 .N37 2012 Main
Dehner, George. Influenza : A Century Of Science RA644.I6 D44 2012 Main
Hoytt, Eleanor Health First! : The Black Woman’s  RA778.4.A36 H698 2012 Main
Paulson, George Closing The Asylums : Causes And RA790.6 .P486 2012 Main
Manjikian, Mary Threat Talk : The Comparative Polit RC569.5.I54 M36 2012 Main
Levett-Jones, T Clinical Placement : An Essential RT82 .L48 2011 Main
Kaczynski, Theo Technological Slavery T14.5 .K325 2010 Main
Economies Of Recycling : The Global TD794.5 .E26 2012 Main
Dudziak, Mary L War Time : An Idea, Its History, It U21.2 .D75 2012 Main
Belkin, Aaron, Bring Me Men : Military Masculinity U21.5 .B45 2012 Main
Stiehm, Judith. U.S. Military : A Basic Introduction UA23 .S689 2012 Main
Business Continuity And Homeland Se UA927 .B84 2011 Main
Managing Born-Digital Special Colle ZA4080 .M36 2012 Main
Survey Of Institutional Digital Reposi ZA4081.86 .S878 2012 Main
Levinson, Paul. New New Media / ZA4150 .L48 2013 Main

Keeping It Legal, Keeping it Free: Resources That Are Always Fair

These are the two categories of intellectual property that is always fair to use:

1. Works in the public domain. These works would include:

  • those whose intellectual property rights have expired (not sure? Check out this handy dandy chart!);
  • government documents.
  • Libraries, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions are just beginning to identify public domain works in their collections…their Public Domain Mark looks like this:PDM

2. SOME open access resources.

  • Open access means “free and unrestricted online availability” of literature as defined by the Budapest Open Access Initiative. It does NOT always mean that the author gave away their intellectual property rights for regular unrestricted use, so it is always good to double check.
  • In most cases, people who publish open access resources will provide a Creative Commons license which clearly states what rights the content creator and user would have.

KNOW THE CODE! Here are the six examples of Creative Commons licenses, from LEAST restrictive to MOST restrictive:

The Licenses


This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.

View License Deed | View Legal Code


This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work even for commercial purposes, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. This license is often compared to “copyleft” free and open source software licenses. All new works based on yours will carry the same license, so any derivatives will also allow commercial use. This is the license used by Wikipedia, and is recommended for materials that would benefit from incorporating content from Wikipedia and similarly licensed projects.

View License Deed | View Legal Code


This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.

View License Deed | View Legal Code


This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

View License Deed | View Legal Code


This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms.

View License Deed | View Legal Code


This license is the most restrictive of our six main licenses, only allowing others to download your works and share them with others as long as they credit you, but they can’t change them in any way or use them commercially.

View License Deed | View Legal Code

Want to make a license for your own work? Click here to do it!

Fair Use: Is It Always Fair?

Many instructors believe that using copyrighted materials for educational purposes is automatically deemed fair use of those materials in their entirety, forever.

 Here is the truth:

The definition of “fair use” is the right to use some or all of copyrighted material without being required to compensate the author. In most cases, “the author” really is “the publisher”, as the author often cedes some or all of their ownership rights to those publishers and others who distribute the material. Promoting, distributing, and selling material is labor-intensive, and most publishers would like to reap some financial profit from this work.

How Would You Feel If…

How would you feel if you wrote a book and got no money for it? Or the number of uses of an item were not calculated into your royalty costs?

Depending on the contracts that they have signed with publishers and vendors, authors also would like to earn a percentage of the sales from the publishers. Those publishers that give authors a percentage of the profits from their works (“royalties” for books) calculate that percentage by taking the retail price of the book and subtracting publisher’s expenses. Publishers that grant royalties (or even better, those who provide an advance) anticipate that an author’s book will sell well.

How Many Copies of That Book Chapter Did You Make?

Let’s say you write a book, and the library purchases a copy. That sale = some profit for you. Library users are allowed to borrow the book (or download the book if it is an EBook) as many times as they wish, which spreads the word about your book and may encourage people to actually buy their own copy. For academic purposes, sometimes professors only want their students to read a chapter or two of a book. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they may do one of a few things:

1. Put a book on physical reserve;

2. Make copies of the chapters for the entire class;

3. Incorporate your chapters in a course pack that they make and sell!

Are any of these fair use? Which option would have the least effect on your royalties? Which option would make you want to hunt someone down and kill them?

Spontaneous Use vs. Fair Use

The United States Copyright Office does not want to impede the academic freedom or creativity of faculty. Faculty always discover new information that they would like to share with their students. For this reason they might make 50 copies of a book chapter for their students the day that they discover that chapter, and distribute those copies to their students on that day. That is what the U.S. Copyright Office identifies as “spontaneous use” of copyrighted material; it is not considered a copyright infringement.

If faculty would like to make 50 copies of that book chapter to distribute to their students AFTER that one spontaneous use, OR if they want to make 50 copies of that book chapter for more than one class, on a regular basis, this may impact an author’s financial well-being, as well as publisher profits. The educational institution, as well as faculty using materials, must have evidence of four factor fair use analysis to determine whether or not use of copyrighted materials for repeated educational experiences is fair.

The Georgia State Case

Publishers and authors both have the right to sue institutions that they perceive are violating copyright law. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Sage Publications sued Georgia State University for failing to follow copyright guidelines for reserve materials. Their lawsuit was funded by the Copyright Clearance Center (who calculate prices for permission for the repeated reproduction of book chapters and magazine articles for instructional purposes so that copyright holders can get…a little…more money). 

Fortunately, Georgia State University had a strong defense:

1. They had a copyright policy which addressed reserve materials;

2. They educated faculty about this policy;

3. For more than two thirds of items on reserve, there was physical evidence of four factor fair use analysis and some proof of permission to reproduce and distribute the material;

4. Digitized materials on reserve were only available through password protected course management sites for registered students, and removed at the end of the course.

In short, GSU demonstrated a GOOD FAITH EFFORT to comply with copyright guidelines. For this reason, Judge Evans ruled in favor of the university with the following statements: 

— “There is no reason to believe that allowing unpaid, nonprofit academic use of small excerpts in controlled circumstances would diminish creation of academic works”;

—  “[The university must] bear the burden of proving that each use was a fair use under 17. U.S.C. § 107“;

— Colleges and universities must refer back to Circular 21: Reproduction of Copyrighted Works for Educators and Librarians”, which provides benchmarks for the amount of a work that can be copied.

Screw The Copyright Clearance Center Mafia

Don’t want to pay Copyright Clearance Center for repeated use of works that exceed the amounts that fair use allows? There are lots of FREE, LEGAL ways to avoid them! I will show you how in my next post.

New Books and EBooks! (September 2012)

This is a list of recently acquired books and EBooks, ready for browsing and checkout!

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Author Title Call Number Collection
Not Drowning But Waving : Women, Fe AZ515 .N68 2011 Main
Badiou, Alain. Adventure Of French Philosophy / B2430.B272 E5 2012 Main
Badiou, Alain. Wittgenstein’s Antiphilosophy / B3376.W564 B33513 2011 Main
Pearl, Judea. Causality : Models, Reasoning, And BD541 .P43 2009 Main
Qualitative Strategies For Ethnocul BF76.5 .Q355 2012 Main
Freud, Sigmund, Letters Of Sigmund Freud And Otto R BF173.F85 A4 2012 Main
Psychology Of Stereotypes / BF323.S63 P797 2011 Main
Murphy, Peter, Collective Imagination : The Creati BF411 .M857 2011 Main
Castles, Elaine Inventing Intelligence : How Americ BF431 .C343 2012 Main
Cummins, Denise Good Thinking : Seven Powerful Idea BF441 .C86 2012 Main
Leaf, Murray J. Human Thought And Social Organizati BF441 .L395 2012 Main
Illouz, Eva, Why Love Hurts : A Sociological Exp BF575.L8 I44 2012 Main
Matt, Susan J. Homesickness : An American History BF575.N6 M295 2011 Main
Hallowell, Edwa Crazybusy : Overstretched, Overbook BF637.C5 H296 2006 Main
Mayer, Bernard Dynamics Of Conflict : A Guide To E BF637.I48 M39 2012 Main
Handbook Of Self-Knowledge / BF697.5.S43 H364 2012 Main
Schiller, Pamel Start Smart : Building Brain Power BF723.A25 S35 2012 Main
Crawford, Craig Politics Of Life 25 Rules For Survi BJ1521 .C73 2007eb E-Book
Thomas, Pat, Everyone Matters : A First Look At BJ1533.R4 T46 2010 Juvenile
Akhtar, Shabbir Islam As Political Religion The Fut BP173.7 .A4925 2011eb E-Book
Al-Jayyousi, Od Islam And Sustainable Development : BP173.75 .A4183 2012 Main
Tucker-Worgs, T Black Megachurch : Theology, Gender BR563.N4 T83 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Farrelly, Maura Papist Patriots : The Making Of An BX1415.M3 F37 2012 Main
Bowman, Matthew Mormon People : The Making Of An Am BX8611 .B695 2012 Main
Toll, Ian W. Pacific Crucible : War At Sea In Th D767 .T65 2012 Main
Berger, Ronald Holocaust, Religion, And The Politi D804.348 .B474 2012eb E-Book
Tyner, James A. Genocide And The Geographical Imagi D804.G3 T96 2012 Main
Mack, Stephen. It Had To Be Done : The Navajo Code D810.C88 M23 2008 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Talty, Stephan. Agent Garbo : The Brilliant, Eccent D810.S8 P883 2012 Main
Jackson, Alvin. Two Unions : Ireland, Scotland, And DA42 .J18 2012 Main
Eksteins, Modri Solar Dance : Van Gogh, Forgery, An DD239 .E39 2012 Main
Briefe an Hitle Letters To Hitler / DD247.H5 B72413 2012 Main
Emmott, Bill. Good Italy, Bad Italy : Why Italy M DG583.5 .E66 2012 Main
Zeitlin, Irving Jews : The Making Of A Diaspora Peo DS134 .Z45 2012 Main
Gross, Jan Toma Golden Harvest : Events At The Peri DS134.55 .G76 2012 Main
Green, Abigail. Moses Montefiore : Jewish Liberator DS135.E6 M7334 2010 Main
Sanders, Ronald Storming The Tulips / DS135.N6 A173 2011 Main
Davis, Christia Colonialism, Antisemitism, And Germ DS146.G4 D38 2012 Main
Beinart, Peter. Crisis Of Zionism / DS149.5.U6 B45 2012 Main
Baker, K. J. War In Afghanistan : A Short Histor DS357.5 .B35 2011 Main
Dumbrell, John, Rethinking The Vietnam War / DS557.7 .D77 2012 Main
Marshall, Wende Potent Mana : Lessons In Power And DU627.8 .M37 2011 Main
Luce, Edward, Time To Start Thinking : America In E169.12 .L77 2012 Main
American Heroes In A Media Age / E169.Z82 A5183 1994 Main
Colby, Tanner. Some Of My Best Friends Are Black : E184.A1 C537 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Walz, Eric. Nikkei In The Interior West : Japan E184.J3 W27 2012 Main
Blackwell, Mayl Chicana Power! : Contested Historie E184.M5 B55 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Gonzales, Manue Mexicanos A History Of Mexicans In E184.M5 G638 2009eb E-Book
Plascencia, Lui Disenchanting Citizenship : Mexican E184.M5 P59 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Du Bois, W. E. Sociological Souls Of Black Folk : E185.6 .D796 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Harris-Perry, M Sister Citizen : Shame, Stereotypes E185.86 .H375 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Jackson, Ronald Masculinity In The Black Imaginatio E185.86 .J333 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Graebner, Norma Foreign Affairs And The Founding Fa E249 .G73 2011 Main
Borick, Carl P. Relieve Us Of This Burthen : Americ E281 .B74 2012 Main
Jefferson’s Blood E332.2 .J5 2000x VHS
Enslaved Women In America : An Ency E443 .E57 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Hogan, Jackie, Lincoln, Inc. : Selling The Sixteen E457.2 .H69 2011 Main
Fleche, Andre M Revolution Of 1861 : The American E459 .F54 2012 Main
Sarna, Jonathan When General Grant Expelled The Jew E468.9 .S26 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Palafox y Mendo Virtues Of The Indian = Virtudes De E65 .P1413 2009 Main
Ceplair, Larry. Anti-Communism In Twentieth-Cent E743.5 .C37 2011 Main
Great Falls E78.M4 G74 2010 DVD
Mankiller, Wilm Every Day Is A Good Day : Reflectio E98.W8 M25 2011 Main
North By Northeast : Wabanaki, Akwe E99.A13 N67 2008 Main
Wilson, Angela Remember This! : Dakota Decolonizat E99.D1 W83 2005 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Zah, Peterson. We Will Secure Our Future : Empower E99.N3 Z34 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Custalow, Linwo True Story Of Pocahontas : The Othe E99.P85 P62 2007 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Burns, Mike, Only One Living To Tell : The Autob E99.Y5 B874 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Rearden, Alice. Qaluyaarmiuni Nunamtenek Qanemci E99.Y6 R43 2011 Main
Schoen, Douglas Threat Closer To Home : Hugo Chávez  F2329.22.C54 S36 2009 Main
Burges, Sean W. Brazilian Foreign Policy After The F2538.3 .B86 2009 Main
Guevara Lynch, Young Che : Memories Of Che Guevara F2849.22.G85 G8313 2008 Main
Brettell, Carol Civic Engagements : The Citizenship F395.E2 B74 2012 Main
Chung, Sue Fawn In Pursuit Of Gold : Chinese Americ F847.E4 C47 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Abelmann, Nancy Blue Dreams : Korean Americans And F869.L89 K616 1995 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Tatum, Charles Lowriders In Chicano Culture :  F869.L89 M575 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Fujino, Diane C Samurai Among Panthers : Richard Ao F870.J3 F87 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Destination Marketing And Managem G155.A1 D4779 2011 Main
Dwyer, Larry. Tourism Economics And Policy / G155.A1 D96 2010 Main
Pearce, Philip Tourist Behaviour And The Contempor G155.A1 P36218 2011 Main
Tattersall, Ian Race? : Debunking A Scientific Myth GN269 .T37 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Pagel, Mark D. Wired For Culture : Origins Of The GN281 .P32 2012 Main
Stringer, Chris Complete World Of Human Evolution GN281 .S873 2012 Main
Young Men In Uncertain Times / GN483 .Y675 2012 Main
Partridge, Dama Hypersexuality And Headscarves Race GN585.G4 P28 2012eb E-Book
Young, Kevin, Sport, Violence And Society / GV706.7 .S655 2012 Main
Oxford Handbook Of Sports Economics GV716 .O94 2012 Main
Terrell, Steven Statistics Translated : A Step-By-Step HA35 .T47 2012 Main
Sandel, Michael What Money Can’t Buy : The Moral  HB72 .S255 2012 Main
Slywotzky, Adri Demand : Creating What People Love HB801 .S56 2011 Main
Beckerman, Wilf Economics As Applied Ethics : Value HB99.3 .B375 2011 Main
Faux, Geoffrey Servant Economy : Where America’s  HC106.84 .F38 2012 Main
Noah, Timothy. Great Divergence : America’s Growing HC110.I5 N63 2012 Main
Stiglitz, Josep Price Of Inequality / HC110.I5 S867 2012 Main
Best Customers : Demographics Of HC79.C6 R87 2011 Main
Dodds, Felix. Only One Earth : The Long Road Via HC79.E5 D623 2012 Main
Rothkopf, David Power, Inc. : The Epic Rivalry Betw HD2350.8 .R68 2012 Main
Conducting Multinational Research : HD2755.5 .C6377 2012 Main
Hamel, Gary. What Matters Now : How To Win In A HD31 .H253 2012 Main
Magretta, Joan, Understanding Michael Porter :  HD41 .P6776 2012 Main
Anthony, Scott Little Black Book Of Innovation :  HD45 .A678 2012 Main
Coleman, John, Passion & Purpose : Stories From  HD57.7 .C644 2012 Main
Hope, Jeremy. Beyond Performance Management : HD58.9 .H67 2012 Main
Horne, Gerald. Fighting In Paradise : Labor Unions HD6517.H3 H67 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Post, Karen. Brand Turnaround : How Brands Gone HD69.B7 P647 2012 Main
Smith, Preston Racial Democracy And The Black Metro HD7288.72.U52 S65 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Wisconsin Uprising : Labor Fights  HD8072.5 .W57 2012 Main
Ness, Immanuel. Guest Workers And Resistance To U.S. HD8081.A5 N47 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Field, Geoffrey Blood, Sweat, And Toil : Remaking  HD8391 .F54 2011 Main
Mitchell, Timot Carbon Democracy : Political Power HD9560.6 .M58 2011 Main
Arthur, Charles Digital Wars : Apple, Google, Micro HD9696.8.U62 A78 2012 Main
Levy, Steven. In The Plex : How Google Thinks,  HD9696.8.U64 G6657 2011 Main
Wimmer, Engelbe Motoring The Future : VW And Toyota HD9710.A2 W56 2012 Main
Brennan, Louis. Business Of Space : The Next Frontier HD9711.5.A2 B74 2011 Main
Nolan, Peter, Is China Buying The World? / HF1604 .N65 2012 Main
Berger, Lauren. All Work, No Pay : Finding An Internsh HF5381 .B3647 2012 Main
Spring, Dawn. Advertising In The Age Of Persuasion HF5415.1255 .S67 2011 Main
Wenzel, Anne M. Entrepreneur’s Guide To Market Rese HF5415.2 .W454 2012 Main
Doctoroff, Tom. What Chinese Want : Culture, Commu HF5415.33.C6 D634 2012 Main
Davidson, Marti End Of Diversity As We Know It :  HF5549.5.M5 D38 2011 Main
Using Qualitative Research In Adver HF5814 .U78 2012 Main
Sullivan, Luke. Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This!  HF5825 .S88 2012eb E-Book
Psychology Of Entertainment Media : HF5827.9 .P78 2012 Main
Shiller, Robert Finance And The Good Society / HG171 .S52 2012 Main
Steiner, Bob. Key Financial Market Concepts :  HG173 .S773 2011 Main
Pringle, Robert Money Trap : Escaping The Grip Of HG3881 .P72 2012 Main
Wessel, David. Red Ink : Inside The High-Stakes Po HJ2051 .W427 2012 Main
Davidson, Lawre Cultural Genocide HM1121 .D375 2012eb E-Book
Muraco, Anna, Odd Couples : Friendships At The In HM1161 .M87 2012 Main
Couldry, Nick. Media, Society, World : Social Theory HM1206 .C68 2012 Main
New Media And Intercultural Communi HM1211 .N49 2012 Main
Meyer, Karl Ern Pax Ethnica : Where And How Diversi HM1271 .M4152 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Jenkins, Henry, Textual Poachers : Television Fans HM291 .J42 1992 Main
Rojek, Chris. Fame Attack The Inflation Of Celebr HM621 .R65 2012eb E-Book
Jarvis, Jeff, Public Parts : How Sharing In The  HM742 .J37 2011 Main
Mathos, Melanie 101 Social Media Tactics For Nonprof HM742 .M37 2012eb E-Book
Meikle, Graham, Media Convergence : Networked Dig HM742 .M45 2012 Main
Prensky, Marc. Brain Gain : Technology And The Que HM846 .P74 2012 Main
Mobile Media Reader / HM851 .M628 2012 Main
Reputation Society : How Online Opi HM851 .R458 2011 Main
Weinberger, Dav Too Big To Know : Rethinking Knowle HM851 .W4297 2011 Main
Holmes, Jennife Guns, Drugs And Development In Colo HN310.Z9 V5345 2008 Main
Strengthening Rural Livelihoods :  HN655.2.C6 S777 2011 Main
Johnson, Willia Time To Embrace : Same-Sex Relation HQ1033 .J64 2012 Main
Ramirez, Josue. Against Machismo : Young Adult Voic HQ1090.7.M6 R36 2008 Main
Richardson, Dia Sexuality, Equality And Diversity / HQ23 .R53 2012 Main
Kovner, Sarah Occupying Power : Sex Workers And  HQ247.A5 K68 2012 Main
Big Porn Inc. : Exposing The Harms HQ471 .B54 2011 Main
Riggle, Ellen D Positive View Of LGBTQ : Embracing HQ73 .R54 2012 Main
Aldrich, Robert Gay Lives / HQ75.2 .A53 2012 Main
Badinter, Elisa Conflict : How Modern Motherhood HQ759 .B22313 2011 Main
Thane, Pat. Sinners? Scroungers? Saints? : Unmar HQ759.45 .T47 2012 Main
Disability And Mothering : Liminal HQ759.913 .D57 2011 Main
Castiglia, Chri If Memory Serves : Gay Men, AIDS,  HQ76.3.U5 C375 2012 Main
Gay Latino Studies : A Critical Rea HQ76.3.U5 G384 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
De la Croix, St Chicago Whispers : A History Of LGBT HQ76.3.U52 I443 2012 Main
Hirshman, Linda Victory : The Triumphant Gay Revolu HQ76.8.U5 H57 2012 Main
Lampo, David, Fundamental Freedom : Why Republi HQ76.8.U5 L36 2012 Main
Montgomery, Kat Generation Digital : Politics, Comm HQ784.M3 M66 2007 Main
Bennion, Janet, Polygamy In Primetime Media, Gender HQ994 .B46 2012eb E-Book
Urban Theory Beyond The West : HT113 .U73 2012 Main
Emergence Of A New Urban China :  HT169.C45 E44 2012 Main
Wherry, Frederi Philadelphia Barrio : The Arts, Branding HT177.P4 W54 2011 Main
Chinatowns In A Transnational World HT215 .C45 2011 Main
Glaeser, Edward Triumph Of The City : How Our Great HT361 .G53 2011 Main
Jaeger, Paul T. Disability And The Internet :  HV1569.5 .J34 2011 Main
Coleman, Janet Advanced Sign Language Vocabulary  HV2474 .C6553 2009eb E-Book
Solomon, Lewis Cycles Of Poverty And Crime In Amer HV4045 .S68 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Monsma, Stephen Pluralism And Freedom Faith-Based  HV530 .M66 2012eb E-Book
Young, Jock. Criminological Imagination / HV6025 .Y697 2011 Main
Large, David Cl Munich 1972 : Tragedy, Terror, And HV6433.G32 L37 2012 Main
Armstrong, Juli Mary Turner And The Memory Of Lynch HV6465.G4 A76 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Gibson, Dirk Ca Legends, Monsters, Or Serial Murder HV6505 .G53 2012 Main
McNally, Megan Identity Theft In Today’s World / HV6675 .M37 2012 Main
Cyber Crime : Concepts, Methodolog HV6773 .C914 2012 Main
Kowalski, Robin Cyberbullying : Bullying In The Digit HV6773 .K69 2012 Main
Chriss, James J Beyond Community Policing :  HV8138 .C535 2011 Main
Moore-Mallinos, It’s Ok To Be Me! : Just Like You, HV888 .M66 2007 Juvenile
Moore-Mallinos, Qué Bien Es Ser Yo Mismo! : Puedo  HV888 .M6613 2007 Juvenile
Free, Marvin D. Race And Justice : Wrongful Convict HV9950 .F744 2012 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Sage Handbook Of Political Communic JA85 .S24 2012 Main
Judt, Tony. Thinking The Twentieth Century / JC257.J83 J8 2012 Main
Milakovich, Mic Digital Governance : New Technologi JF1525.A8 M56 2012 Main
Beckett, Charli Wikileaks : News In The Networked  JF1525.W45 B43 2012 Main
Han, Jongwoo, Networked Information Technologies, JF799 .H35 2012eb E-Book
Howard, Philip New Media Campaigns And The Mana JK2281 .H69 2006 Main
Wuhs, Steven To Savage Democracy: Institutional Change JL1298.A1 W84 2008 Main
Medina, Eden, Cybernetic Revolutionaries : Techno JL2631 .M43 2011 Main
Bishārah, Marwān Invisible Arab : The Promise And Peril JQ1850.A91 B58 2012 Main
Reilly, Charles Peace-Building And Development In  JZ5584.G9 R45 2009 Main
Martinez, Jenny Slave Trade And The Origins Of Inte K3267 .M37 2012 Main
Bleich, Erik. Freedom To Be Racist? : How The K5210 .B57 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Garcia, Ignacio White But Not Equal : Mexican Ameri KF224.H468 G37 2009 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Aufderheide, Pa Reclaiming Fair Use : How To Put Bala KF3020 .A984 2011 Main
Green, Steven K Bible, The School, And The Constitu KF4162 .G74 2012 Main
Meyerson, Micha Endowed By Our Creator : The Birth KF4783 .M49 2012 Main
Ball, Carlos A. Right To Be Parents : LGBT Families KF540 .B35 2012 Main
Rossum, Ralph A Supreme Court And Tribal Gaming :  KF8210.G35 R67 2011 Multicultural Resources Ctr.
Rury, John L., Education And Social Change :  LA205 .R67 2013 Main
Willingham, Dan When Can You Trust The Experts? :  LB1028 .W519175 2012 Main
Hew, Khe Foon. Student Participation In Online Discus LB1028.55 .H49 2012 Main
Design, Implementation, And Evaluat LB1044.87 .D475 2012 Main
Designing Problem-Driven Instructio LB1044.87 .D492 2012 Main
Espinosa, Linda Getting It Right For Young Children LB1139.225 .E86 2010 Main
Knowledge Development In Early Chil LB1139.23 .K64 2012 Main
Up Close Teaching English Language LB1576 .U6 2009 DVD
Wagner, Tony. Creating Innovators : The Making Of LB1607.5 .W33 2012 Main
Hoffman, Nancy. Schooling In The Workplace : How Six LC1081 .H64 2011 Main
Art And Social Justice Education : LC191.4 .A763 2012 Main
Cianciotto, Jas LGBT Youth In America’s Schools / LC2575 .C54 2012 Main
Spring, Joel H. Deculturalization And The Struggle LC3731 .S68 2012 Main
Moore-Mallinos, It’s Called Dyslexia / LC4708 .M66 2007 Juvenile
Moore-Mallinos, Se Llama Dislexia / LC4708 .M6613 2007 Juvenile
Music And Globalization : Critical En ML3545 .M89 2012eb E-Book
King, Carole, Natural Woman : A Memoir / ML410.K636 A3 2012 Main
Teaching Woodwinds : A Method And MT339.5 .D54 1998 Main
Westphal, Frede Guide To Teaching Woodwinds / MT339.5 .W47 1990 Main
Teaching Brass : A Resource Manual MT418 .T4 2008 Main
Cook, Gary, Teaching Percussion : With DVD / MT655 .C67 2006 Main
Jones, Amelia. Seeing Differently : A History And NX650.I35 J66 2012 Main
Bending Opinion : Essays On Persuas P301 .B46 2011 Main
Fahnestock, Jea Rhetorical Style The Uses Of Langua P301.5.P47 F34 2011eb E-Book
Media Freedom And Pluralism Media P92.E9 M38 2010eb E-Book
Media, Sound, And Culture In Latin P94.65.L29 M44 2012 Main
Pennebaker, Jam Secret Life Of Pronouns : What Our PE1261 .P46 2011 Main
Royster, Jacque Feminist Rhetorical Practices New PE1405.U6 R65 2012eb E-Book
Kawamata, Chiak Death Sentences / PL855.A863 G4613 2012 New Fiction
Nakamura, Fumin Thief / PL873.5.A339 S8713 2012 New Fiction
Takacs, Stacy. Terrorism TV : Popular Entertainmen PN1992.8.T47 T35 2012 Main
Tueth, Michael. Reeling With Laughter : American Film PN1995.9.C55 T83 2012 Main
Huckvale, David Ancient Egypt In The Popular Imagin PN1995.9.E32 H84 2012 Main
Myth, Media, And Culture In Star Wars PN1995.9.S695 M97 2012 Main
Sex, Politics, And Religion In Star Wars PN1995.9.S695 S49 2012 Main
Critical Theory And Performance / PN2039 .C75 2007 Main
Press Freedom And Pluralism In Euro PN4748.E85 P74 2009eb E-Book
Steel, John, Journalism And Free Speech PN4855 .S74 2012eb E-Book
Lentz, Richard, Opinions Of Mankind Racial Issues, PN4888.R3 L46 2010eb E-Book
Szasz, Ferenc M Atomic Comics : Cartoonists Confron PN6714 .S97 2012 Main
Bechdel, Alison Are You My Mother? : A Comic Drama PN6727.B3757 Z46 2012 New Fiction
Strier, Richard Unrepentant Renaissance : From Petr PN721 .S835 2011 Main
Quignard, Pasca Roving Shadows / PQ2677.U486 O6313 2011 New Fiction
Binet, Laurent. HHhH / PQ2702.I57 H4413 2012 New Fiction
Thuy, Kim. Ru / PQ3919.3.T48 R813 2012 New Fiction
Neuman, Andres, Traveler Of The Century / PQ6664.E478 V5213 2012 New Fiction
Cebrian, Merced Malestar Al Alcance De Todos / PQ6703.E275 M35 2011 New Fiction
Merry Wives Of Windsor Live From PR2826.A23 M477 2012 DVD
Austen, Jane, Persuasion : An Annotated Edition / PR4034 .P4 2011b Main
Tomalin, Claire Charles Dickens : A Life / PR4581 .T66 2011 Main
Rodden, John. Unexamined Orwell / PR6029.R8 Z779 2011 Main
Boyd, William, Waiting For Sunrise : A Novel / PR6052.O9192 W35 2012 New Fiction
Lanchester, Joh Capital / PR6062.A4863 C37 2012 New Fiction
Mantel, Hilary, Bring Up The Bodies : A Novel / PR6063.A438 B75 2012 New Fiction
Swift, Graham, Wish You Were Here / PR6069.W47 W57 2012 New Fiction
Kunzru, Hari, Gods Without Men / PR6111.U68 G63 2012 New Fiction
Mawer, Simon. Trapeze / PR9120.9.M38 T73 2012 Main
Coady, Lynn, Antagonist / PR9199.3.C546 A58 2011 Main
Itani, Frances, Requiem / PR9199.3.I83 R47 2012 New Fiction
Doctor, Farzana Six Metres Of Pavement : A Novel / PR9199.4.D625 S59 2011eb New Fiction
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It Came From the Stacks

Librarians often call the rows of shelves in a library “stacks”. Before the age of books, libraries had no shelves. Clay tablets were arranged in stacks by size and date. Scrolls were also stacked up as neatly as possible, according to an organization system that made sense to the keeper of the scrolls. In ancient times, libraries only existed for kings and religious figures. Sometimes such libraries existed as huge warehouses of plundered materials from the collections of conquered nations. To display their newfound wealth and wisdom, primitive kings would demand that their booty was stacked up to the ceiling.

According to the 2012 Learning Resources & Services Annual Report, the Miller Center Library holds

570,318 circulating print books (including 27,331 Juvenile titles)

   19,349 films (VHS and DVDs)

   15,396 EBooks

Our physical materials are neatly shelved and catalogued. Access points to our EBooks exist in multiple spaces. Librarians have come a long way from piling clay tablets in stacks. At the same time, accrediting bodies have historically measured the value of academic libraries by the number of volumes they contained in “the stacks”.

The older the library collection, the more likely it is to have “filler” in the stacks. As the Collection Management Librarian, I work with my SCSU colleagues to weed filler and obsolete materials so that library shelves do not become smelly walk-ins that Gordon Ramsay uncovers in “Kitchen Nightmares”. I walk around the stacks and ask myself:

Are we serving what our customers want?

Are our resources “fresh”?

Are our resources easily accessible to all?

Do the resources that we have in the collection meet accreditation standards for the variety of academic programs at SCSU?

Do the resources that we have in the collection meet our own collection development guidelines?

Are the resources that we have in the library even legal?

What sort of input should faculty and students have on collection development?

The answers to these questions change every day.  Hopefully the information posted on this blog can help us get there.