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Free Accessibility Webinars by 3Play Media
Both online and on ground classes can always use more tips on how to make them more accessible. 3Play Media, a leader in captioning and accessibility support, provides complimentary webinars that can help institutions with accessibility requirements. (More)
Make Your Syllabus More Accessible: Tips and Tricks
A team of students at Tulane university have developed a very helpful website about creating accessible syllabi (More)
Special Interest Group: Learning Spaces and Instructional Technology webinars and Campus Tour
Special Interest Group (SIG) is again organizing a series of free and open to anyone Learning Spaces and Instructional Technology  webinars. What is new is that they have prepared a Learning Space Tour at Hennepin Technical College on April 8. You ca (More)
8 MOOCs that Support Technology in Teaching
NCDAE Accessibility Resources
  National Center on Disability and Access to Education (¬© NCDAE) has developed a list of resources that can help with acc (More)
Recorded Webinars on Online Learning Accessibility
  Implementing Universal and Inclusive Design for Online Learning This webinar discussed how the principles of universal and inclusive (More)
Accessing Higher Ground Virtual Conference starting tomorrow
Just a friendly reminder, with a full schedule following: tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18, through Friday, November 20, the Accessing Higher Ground virtual conference will be featured at St. Cloud State University. Brought to you by the Academic Tec (More)
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