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educational leadership
There are so many managers .... more concerned about positions and using employees as stepping stones. Sadly, these type of bosses leave a trail of destruction in their path. (More)
administrator parle
Top 31 Buzzwords that Employees Truly Hate Bosses who want to earn their employees' respect should avoid these tired, irritating cliches. More)
Colleges’ Plans for Reopening
Here’s a List of Colleges’ Plans for Reopening in the Fall By Bennett Leckrone APRIL 23, 2020 https://www.chronicle.com/article/ (More)
higher ed pandemic scenarios
Higher education in fall 2020: three pandemic scenarios. As I close up my semester, I've had many chats with students as we think about Fall 2020 &beyond. This post by @BryanAlex (More)
Students on remote learning
Students on remote learning: More creativity, interaction needed https://www.educationdive.com/news/s (More)
Failure to lead
Failure to Lead (what your team will never tell you) Craig Janssen  More)
taking attendance
Modern way to skip class from r/gifs https://chalkbeat.org/posts/us/2020/04/12/taking-attendance-in-the-coronavi (More)
academia and pandemic
Faculty Members Fear Pandemic Will Weaken Their Ranks By Megan Zahneis APRIL 09, 2020 https://www.chronicle.com/article/Fac (More)
superintendents congress
Superintendents: I'm prepping for a meeting w/congressional leaders on Mon. afternoon. They want to talk connectivity, online schooling, K-12 bailout funds. If you're a Supt (esp. of large/high need Dist.) & would like to weigh in, send me a DM (More)
mushroom management
TIL “Mushroom management” is where employees aren’t told about the ideas or general state of the company, and are given work without kn (More)
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