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academia and pandemic
Faculty Members Fear Pandemic Will Weaken Their Ranks By Megan Zahneis APRIL 09, 2020 https://www.chronicle.com/article/Fac (More)
superintendents congress
Superintendents: I'm prepping for a meeting w/congressional leaders on Mon. afternoon. They want to talk connectivity, online schooling, K-12 bailout funds. If you're a Supt (esp. of large/high need Dist.) & would like to weigh in, send me a DM (More)
mushroom management
TIL “Mushroom management” is where employees aren’t told about the ideas or general state of the company, and are given work without kn (More)
lockdown drills
About 95% of American public schools conduct some form of regular active shooter safety drill — sometimes called a lockdown or active threat drill — according to the National Center for Education (More)
leadership weekly duties
What should people in leadership roles actually be doing all week? More)
video 360 faculty assessment
Jones, C., Watkins, F., Williams, J., Lambros, A., Callahan, K., Lawlor, J., … Atkinson, H. (2019). A 360-degree assessment of teaching effectiveness using a structured-videorecorded observed teaching exercise for faculty development. Medical Educati (More)
Principals value coaching
Principals value coaching, but the model still isn't widespread https://www.educationdive.co (More)
teachers discipline Foucault
I was beginning to think Foucault’s writings on the “disciplinary society” were becoming irrelevant. But then my niece started the 5th grade. Her teachers add and subtract behavioral points in an app shared with her mom. Note that she lost a point (More)
microcredentials in education
https://www.edsurge.com/news/2019-07-12-microcredentials-could-be-a-game- (More)
K12 IT leaders work with people
K-12 IT leaders need to work with people, not just tech <https://www.educationdive.com/news/k-12 (More)
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