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AR and gamification European project
Osello, A., Rapetti, N., Del Guidice, M., Guinea, A. M., Ronzino, A., Ugliotti, F., & Migliarino, L. (2015). AUGMENTED REALITY AND GAMIFICATION APPROACH WITHIN THE DIMMER PROJECT. INTED2015 Proceedings, 2707–2714. More)
Virtual Worlds to SCSU faculty and students
https://youtu.be/_oQGKwGocqo https://youtu.be/8l6tqL0WzZc (More)
AR and disinformation
https://arpost.co/2020/03/04/augmented-reality-disinformation-escape-fake/ +++++++++++++++++++ More on disinformation in this IMS blog http://b (More)
Immersive Teaching for SCSU
As part of our involvement with the Extended Reality Community of Practice, InforMedia Services and SCSU VizLab are offering the following workshops / introductions in augmented and virtual reality: -         Wednesday, March 18, 3PM, MC 205  (direc (More)
IM 690 VR and AR lab
IM 690 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. short link: http://bit.ly/IM690lab IM 690 lab plan for Feb. 18, MC 205:  Experience VR and AR What is an "avatar" and why (More)
IM 690 Intro to AR merge cube
IM 690 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality A little bit of humor, before we start: Actual Reality Goggles: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4z5rMBpzFK/ Merge Cube: Intro to AR (Augmented Reality) What is Merge Cube Why do we need t (More)
Zuckerberg live about the next decade in tech in the Silicon Valley
Learn how to scan in your own #3D objects using your mobile device FOR FREE! @QloneApp More)
AI and privacy
The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It: It's taken 3 billion images from the internet to build a an AI driven database (More)
Magic Leap AR goggles
https://www.reddit.com/r/gadgets/comments/e741p9/magic_leap_has_reportedly_sold_only_6000_headsets https://www.to (More)
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