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video 360 compilers
https://vr.google.com/tourcreator/ Example: https://poly.google.com/u/1/view/7rfK (More)
Pokemon AR and hydrology
"Pokemon Go" entered the world, a smartphone game that led people to wander all around collecting (More)
practical about VR and AR in schools
Beyond the Hype: 5 Ways to Think About Virtual and Augmented Reality in Schools By Jenny Abamu     Feb 7, 2017 More)
AR and PokemonGo
GOTTACATCHEMALL:EXPLORING POKEMON GO IN SEARCH OF LEARNING ENHANCEMENT OBJECTS Annamaria Cacchione, Emma Procter-Legg and Sobah Abbas Petersen Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Facultad de Filologia, Av.da Complutense sn, 28040 Madrid, Spain Indep (More)
parents wary of VR
Your kids and virtual reality: What parents should know   | kd (More)
storytelling AR and VR tools
Unleash the Power of Storytelling With These New AR and VR Tools By Jaime Donally (Columnist)     Apr 4, 2018 Teachers can bring VR stories into the classr (More)
Ready Player One
Ready Player One (2018) - IMDb (More)
SCSU vizlab augmented reality orientation
https://www.facebook.com/SCSUVizLab/videos/2488689008023197/ +++++++++++++++ more on augmented reality in this IMS blog http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/ (More)
ISTE sources for AR and VR
ISTE | 25 resources for bringing AR and VR to (More)
immersive learning
VR and AR: Learners as Creators and World Builders of Our Immersive Future by Emory Craig and More)
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