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D2L Brightspace The Daylight Experience
**Attention - If you don't want to read further just check out this super short overview video! 🙂 D2L Brightspace is bringing a new design with their (More)
Upcoming MOQI & SIG Free Webinars
If you have an hour to spare, some really awesome topics are being presented in Learning Spaces & Instructional Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) and Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) webinars. It is very easy to register, so just (More)
SIG Spring 2017 Free Webinars on D2L Brightspace & Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Just a reminder, the Special Interest Group: Learning Spaces and Instructional Technology (SIG) and Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) webinars start in less than two weeks.  These are FREE and open to anyone.  Below you will find the schedul (More)
Setting The Tone In A Brightspace Course With QM Standard One
Photo credit: www.brightspace.com Yesterday at noon D (More)
D2L Brightspace eLearning Webinars
Mark your calendars! Every Tuesday, starting next week, D2L Brighspace experts and users will share their stories on various topics, ranging from accessibility, to gamifying your course, to More)
Inserting Media in D2L Brightspace's HTML Editor
There are plenty of options when you work in your course to create a file and edit it in the HTML editor. When you go to a specific content module you have created in your course, for example Week 1 (under Materials > Content > "Week 1") you ge (More)
SIG D2L Brightspace Getting Started Webinars
Just in the next two days, there are 6 webinars offered on different D2L Brightspace tools. We hope you attend and find them useful! They cover each tool in detail, and send out resources. The list continues and is a great support for the beginning a (More)
Respondus 4.0 News can be found here. Instructors use Respondus 4.0 because it saves them time preparing online tests. Lots of time. Here are just five (More)
D2L Brightspace Tools Terminology Changes in Effect
Just a reminder, two days ago, D2L Brigthspace has switched the terminology of several tools. Below is a list and a name change example. Make sure to let your students know that they will be submitting their papers in "Assignments" now, not Dropbox. (More)
Brightspace Binder
This week, a new feature appeared for our students in D2L Brightspace. It is a learning tool called Binder, and it unifies essentia (More)
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