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collaborative whiteboards
Collaborative Whiteboards http://practicaledtech.com/2016/12/11/practical-ed-tech-tip-of-the-week-three-free-collaborative-whiteboard-tools/ NoteBookCast is a free whiteb (More)
engagement and contemplative practices
The On Course National Conference http://oncourseworkshop.com/national-conference-overview/ has several sessions of interest: Padlet Possibilities – Usi (More)
D2L and MnSCU Collaboration Conference: 2016 MN IGNITE
MnSCU and Brightspace by D2L invite you to join them at the annual MN IGNITE 2016 conference on April 15, 2016, from 7:45 AM–3:50 PM (Cent (More)
Brightspace Community Glossary
Brightspace by d2l has a Shared Member Resources page where anyone in the Brightspace Community can contribute. Here is aMore)
I Diggio Wiggio!
By Paul Keyworth Wiggio is a versatile community-building and collaboration tool recently acquired by Brightspace and fully integrated into D2L.  It is especially useful for managing group projects.  Indeed, I have been using it for the past few m (More)
The Positive Impact of Online Collaborative Learning on Student Success: An Assessment of Harvard Business School\'s \'HBX\' Initiative
Creative Commons \"Harvard Business Scho (More)
digital portfolio
Digital Portfolios: Facilitating Authentic Learning and Cultivating Student Ownership presented on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Steve Zimmerman (charter school director), New York digital porfolio software: open source. Google Sites - free, but too (More)
Online Learning: MOOC - resources and ideas
http://chronicle.com/section/Online-Learning/623/ A MOOC Platform Based on Engagement: More)
October is Connected Educator Month
October is Connected Educator Month! This exciting initiative is driven by the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Educatio (More)
Office 2013 Tips: Outlook Social Connector - LinkedIn
The Outlook Social Connector lets you see profiles and updates for people that send you email. The connector is available as a download for earlier versions of Outlook, but with Outlook 2013 it is included out of the box. I have found the using the O (More)
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