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Open Community: OER Collaboration and Support
short link to this blog entry: http://bit.ly/esummit2019oer More)
social media adoption education
Arshad, M., & Akram, M. S. (2018). Social Media Adoption by the Academic Community: Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence From Developing Countries. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 19(3). Retrieved f (More)
collaboration creates mediocrity
'Collaboration' Creates Mediocrity, Not Excellence, According to Science Far from being a productivity panacea, a collaborative culture will drive your top performers away. By Geoffrey James More)
teaching and assessing soft skills
Teaching & Assessing Soft Skills Posted on September 13, 2017 by More)
Susan Grajek at Bryan Alexander on IT and education
Susan Grajek at Bryan Alexander on IT and education Forum takes a deep dive into higher education and technology. On Thur (More)
WordPress and Google Docs
WordPress.com for Google Docs lets you edit in Docs and publish in WordPress by )
collaborative whiteboards
Collaborative Whiteboards http://practicaledtech.com/2016/12/11/practical-ed-tech-tip-of-the-week-three-free-collaborative-whiteboard-tools/ NoteBookCast is a free whiteb (More)
engagement and contemplative practices
The On Course National Conference http://oncourseworkshop.com/national-conference-overview/ has several sessions of interest: Padlet Possibilities – Usi (More)
D2L and MnSCU Collaboration Conference: 2016 MN IGNITE
MnSCU and Brightspace by D2L invite you to join them at the annual MN IGNITE 2016 conference on April 15, 2016, from 7:45 AM–3:50 PM (Cent (More)
Brightspace Community Glossary
Brightspace by d2l has a Shared Member Resources page where anyone in the Brightspace Community can contribute. Here is aMore)
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