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The Positive Impact of Online Collaborative Learning on Student Success: An Assessment of Harvard Business School\'s \'HBX\' Initiative
Creative Commons \"Harvard Business Scho (More)
digital portfolio
Digital Portfolios: Facilitating Authentic Learning and Cultivating Student Ownership presented on Tuesday, March 3, 2015. Steve Zimmerman (charter school director), New York digital porfolio software: open source. Google Sites - free, but too (More)
Online Learning: MOOC - resources and ideas
http://chronicle.com/section/Online-Learning/623/ A MOOC Platform Based on Engagement: More)
October is Connected Educator Month
October is Connected Educator Month! This exciting initiative is driven by the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Educatio (More)
Office 2013 Tips: Outlook Social Connector - LinkedIn
The Outlook Social Connector lets you see profiles and updates for people that send you email. The connector is available as a download for earlier versions of Outlook, but with Outlook 2013 it is included out of the box. I have found the using the O (More)
MediaScape Demo Units on Campus
media:scape furniture by Steelcase provides collaborative work spaces allowing users to connect their laptops and easily flip between presenters. The demo units are on campus and we hope to gather as much feedback on these units as possible. Many hav (More)
GusDay 2013 Recap
Car Ride Before I start I want to thank Casey Wagner for her help organizing the trip, Craig Overboe for organizing the van, and Jim Pesta for driving us all down to GusDay. We headed out at 7:00 AM and had some light conversation on the way down. I (More)
Last week I was fortunate enough to join a few other members of the ITS team on a tour of the new ISELF building. Dean DeGroote was kind enough to be ou (More)
Creative Friday Recap
First things first.  Please help us by filling out the following survey concerning this Creative Friday.  Even if you were not able to attend, we want to hear from you! Please select a valid form And now onto the recap! Arduino DemoMore)
Creative Friday Agenda
Every other Friday the ITS team tries to get together and work on something creative. This Friday I'm working on coordinating the agenda. The plan is to spend the first part of the meeting on short presentations and the second part will be an open di (More)
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