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D2L Brightspace Awards Tool: What do you need to know?
Photo credit: www.brightspace.com With the new D2L update SCSU went through  earlie (More)
Brightspace Pulse App - Tell Your Students
Coming to SCSU by this Fall! Our students have been waiting for it.   (More)
D2L Visual Design Change to Daylight Experience
As we have previously announced, D2L update brought a visual design change that is much more responsive - works the same on different devices and matches our students' needs. Below you will find a quick overview of "before and after", so you can easi (More)
D2L Brightspace Webinars
Photo credit: www.brightspace.com Here are some upcoming webinars organized by D2L (More)
D2L Brightspace The Daylight Experience
**Attention - If you don't want to read further just check out this super short overview video! 🙂 D2L Brightspace is bringing a new design with their (More)
LMS and embedded librarianship
Tumbleson, B. E., & Burke, J. (. J. (2013). Embedding librarianship in learning management systems: A how-to-do-it manual for librarians. Neal-Schuman, an imprint of the American Library Association. More)
SIG Spring 2017 Free Webinars on D2L Brightspace & Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Just a reminder, the Special Interest Group: Learning Spaces and Instructional Technology (SIG) and Minnesota Online Quality Initiative (MOQI) webinars start in less than two weeks.  These are FREE and open to anyone.  Below you will find the schedul (More)
minutes from the hybrid meeting
people who met today shared their approach to blended learning. We discussed probably equally tools / technology and methodology. It seemed that everyone was happy with the information exchanged. David and Patience, apologies for not going by you (More)
Setting The Tone In A Brightspace Course With QM Standard One
Photo credit: www.brightspace.com Yesterday at noon D (More)
SIG Webinars Fall 2016
Free webinars on various tools and best practices. Register here. (More)
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