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Three Things Teachers Need to Spot—and Stop—Plagiarism SPONSORED CONTENT FROM PLAGIARISMCHECK my note: I firmly disagree with the corporate push to mechanize plagiarism. Plagiarism is about teaching both faculty and students, and this industry, und (More)
game for online privacy and data security
Teachers Turn to Gaming for Online Privacy Lessons By Dian Schaffhauser 10/10/18 https://thejournal.com/ar (More)
Global world affairs
Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel'The World Is Changing Dramatically' Former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel speaks to DER SPIEGEL about his call for the country to take on a new global role and why Germans are underestimating the (More)
China Censorship In Western Democracies
How The Chinese Government Works To Censor Debate In Western Democracies October 3, 20184:24 PM ET More)
blockchain and refugees
http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/refugeesandmigrants/2018/09/20/blockchain-for-refugees/ As Norwegian Refugee Council research More)
Cybersecurity Risks in schools
FBI Warns Educators and Parents About Edtech’s Cybersecurity Risks By Tina Nazerian     Sep 14, 2018 More)
Digital Literacy for SPED 405
Digital Literacy for SPED 405. Behavior Theories and Practices in Special Education. Instructor Mark Markell. mamarkell@stcloudstate.edu Mondays, 5:30 - 8:20 PM. SOE A235 Preliminary Plan for Monday (More)
Data Privacy Lessons in Alternative Reality Games
How Data Privacy Lessons in Alternative Reality Games Can Help Kids In Real Life https://w (More)
Teacher Brand and Digital Reputation
Rise and Shine! How to Boost Your Teacher Brand and Digital Reputation By Kasey Bell     Apr 5, 2016 More)
AI tracks students writings
Schools are using AI to track what students write on their computers By Simone Stolzoff August 19, 2018 50 million k-12 stude (More)
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