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detect plagiarism
Do we need to pay for services such as Turnitin? Are there comparable services for free? Do we need services such as those ones or we rather have faculty and students educated on plagiarism and faculty trained to detect plagiarism? Is it suppos (More)
Policy for Artificial Intelligence
Law is Code: Making Policy for Artificial Intelligence Jules Polonetsky and Omer Tene January 16, 2019 https://www.ourworld.co (More)
identity political correctness
'Identity is a pain in the arse': Zadie Smith on political correctness At Hay Cartagena festival author questions role of social media in policing personal development More)
DuckDuckGo vs Google
Nothing Can Stop Google. DuckDuckGo Is Trying Anyway. 2019 may finally be the year for ‘The Search Engine That Doesn’t Track You’ Drew Millard, Jan 15, 2019 More)
secure and anonymous communication tools
Down the Security Rabbit Hole The most secure and anonymous communication tools available David Koff August 27 2018 https://med (More)
Facial Recognition issues
Chinese Facial Recognition Will Take over the World in 2019 More)
Preparing Learners for 21st Century Digital Citizenship
ID2ID webinar (my notes on the bottom) Digital Fluency: Preparing Learners for 21st Century Digital Citizenship Eighty-five percent of the jobs available in 2030 do not yet exist.  How does higher education prepare our learners for careers that d (More)
K12 trends 2018
4 K-12 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2018 Analytics, virtual reality, makerspaces and digital citizenship top the minds of education experts for the year. More)
cybercrime stats
rude vs civil
https://www.facebook.com/TED/videos/527013287788001/ (More)
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