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differences in 3d printing technologies
White paper https://formlabs.com/sla-3d-printing-for-educators-and-researchers/ The differences between the most popular 3D print (More)
K12 ed tech trends
5 Trends Shaping K12 Ed Tech https://s3.amazonaws.com/dive_assets/rlpsys/ED_k12_5_trends_k12_ed_tech.pdf Chromebooks. (vers (More)
disruptive technologies higher ed
The top 5 disruptive technologies in higher ed By Leigh M. and Thomas Goldrick June 5th, 2017 https://w (More)
learning and educational technology
Modern​ ​Learning:​ ​Re-Discovering​ ​the Transformative​ ​Promise​ ​of Educational​ ​Technology By​ ​Steve​ ​Hargadon​ ​(​@stevehargadon​) Survey​ ​and​ ​Report:​ ​​modernlearning.com​​ ​|​ More)
student success technology
The Swiss Army Knives of Student Success Technology by: NICHOLAS JAVA AND KATHRYN MARTIN | TOOLS AND INFOGRAPHICS |SEP 19TH, 2017 More)
Maslow hierarchy for edtech
5 ways to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to edtech for better outcomes By Dave Saltmarsh September 26th, 2017 My Note: when stripped from the commercialized plug in for Apple, this article makes a good memorization exercise for p (More)
learning educational technology
Three lessons from rigorous research on education technology Hope seen in "personalized" software for math http://hechin (More)
evaluate IT in K12
New Ways to Evaluate School Technologies to Save Money & Boost Efficiencies https://e (More)
case study
Feagin, J. R., Orum, A. M., & Sjoberg, G. (1991). A Case for the case study. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press. More)
eportofolios conference
Meaning-Making with Eportfolios Southeast Regional Conference November 6-7, 2017 University of Virginia  Conference Description and CFP The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) and the University of Vir (More)
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