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K12 technology preparation
Better teaching through technology? Only with thoughtful preparation More)
IRDL proposal
Applications for the 2018 Institute will be accepted between December 1, 2017 and January 27, 2018. Scholars accepted to the program will be notified in early March 2018. Title: Learning to Harness Big Data in an Academic Library Abstract (2 (More)
Cohort 8 research and write dissertation
When writing your dissertation… Please have an FAQ-kind of list of the Google Group postings regarding resources and information on research and writing of Chapter 2 digital resource sets available through MnPALS Plus More)
qualitative method research
By miltenoff | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your (More)
academic dishonesty plagiarism in the digital age
Ercegovac, Z., & Richardson, J. J. (2004). Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism Included, in the Digital Age: A Literature Review. College & Research Libraries, 65(4), 301-318. More)
differences in 3d printing technologies
White paper https://formlabs.com/sla-3d-printing-for-educators-and-researchers/ The differences between the most popular 3D print (More)
K12 ed tech trends
5 Trends Shaping K12 Ed Tech https://s3.amazonaws.com/dive_assets/rlpsys/ED_k12_5_trends_k12_ed_tech.pdf Chromebooks. (vers (More)
disruptive technologies higher ed
The top 5 disruptive technologies in higher ed By Leigh M. and Thomas Goldrick June 5th, 2017 https://w (More)
learning and educational technology
Modern​ ​Learning:​ ​Re-Discovering​ ​the Transformative​ ​Promise​ ​of Educational​ ​Technology By​ ​Steve​ ​Hargadon​ ​(​@stevehargadon​) Survey​ ​and​ ​Report:​ ​​modernlearning.com​​ ​|​ More)
student success technology
The Swiss Army Knives of Student Success Technology by: NICHOLAS JAVA AND KATHRYN MARTIN | TOOLS AND INFOGRAPHICS |SEP 19TH, 2017 More)
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