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doctors prescribe yoga
Why More Western Doctors Are Now Prescribing Yoga Therapy FEB 3, 2016 More)
teen use of phones
Teens worry they use phones too much Andrew M. Seaman https://www.linkedin.com/feed/news/teens-worry-they-use-phones-too-muc (More)
social media addiction
Social media copies gambling methods 'to create psychological cravings' Methods activate ‘same brain mechanisms as cocaine’ and leads to users experiencing ‘phantom’ notification buzzing, experts warn More)
VR humor
Stop Binge-Watching TV More)
Quit social media
Yes, Quitting Facebook May Make You Happier By More)
quit social media
https://youtu.be/3E7hkPZ-HTk ++++++++++++++ more in this IMS blog on: http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/ims?s=unplug More)
2018 social media use
Social Media Use in 2018 A majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, but young adults are especially heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram BY More)
students and social media
Students and Social Media: How Much is Too Much? THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2018 | 1:00 PM CENTRAL | 60 MINUTES Instant communication with one another (and the world) has tremendous benefits. At the same time, it has serious drawbacks that tend to offse (More)
disconnect technology
How to Break Up With Your Phone By CATHERINE PRICE FEB. 13, 2018 https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/13/well/phone-cellphone-addiction-time.html Price, C. (2018). How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life. New York: T (More)
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