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philosophy technology
McMullan, T. (2018, April 26). How Technology Got Under Our Skin – Featured Stories. Retrieved April 2, 2019, from Medium website: https://medium.com/s/story/how-tech (More)
Tik Tok
https://www.facebook.com/NowThisFuture/videos/2255318371377260/ (More)
Facebook's Content Moderators
Propaganda, Hate Speech, Violence: The Working Lives Of Facebook's Content Moderators March 2, 2019  )
Facebook vs Patreon
Facebook wants up to 30% of fan subscriptions vs Patreon’s 5% Josh Constine joshconstine">@joshconstine Feb 26. 2019 https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/26/facebook-vs-patreon/ Facebook has consistently shown that it puts what it thinks users wa (More)
Facebook Digital Gangsters
Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by report on fake news Company broke privacy and competition law and should be regulated urgently, say MPs More)
Digital Destruction of Democracy
The Digital Destruction of Democracy ANYA SCHIFFRIN JANUARY 21, 2019 https://prospect.org/article/digital-destruction-democracy  Social media (More)
Your Brain Off Facebook
This Is Your Brain Off Facebook Planning on quitting the social platform? A major new study offers a glimpse of what unplugging might do for your life. (Spoiler: It’s not so bad.) Benedict Carey, Jan 30, 2019 https://global9janews.wordpress.com/ (More)
Facial Recognition issues
Chinese Facial Recognition Will Take over the World in 2019 More)
Far-right Vox Instagram
How Spain’s far-right Vox created a winning social media strategy The anti-immigration party has more followers on Instagram than any other political group in the country More)
Russian manipulation Instagram
Russia's election manipulation a bigger win on Instagram than on Facebook, report finds By BLOOMBERG DEC 17, 2018 | 9:05 AM More)
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