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psychology of social networks
The Blogger’s Guide To Understanding The Psychology Of Social Networks Last Updated: July 6, 2017 By More)
Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality
11 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2017 Five higher ed leaders analyze the hottest trends in education technology this year. More)
social media millennials
Reaching Millennials With Social Media: New Research By January 31, 2017 More)
latest in social media
In continuation of my last week IMS blog post http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/ims/2017/01/21/latest-in-social-media/ Facebook Stories puts a Snapchat cl (More)
fake news on Facebook
Sheryl Sandberg visits Germany to assure critics over fake news Rhiannon Williams 12:40Tuesday January 17th 2017 https://inews.co.uk/e (More)
facebook live
4 Ways to Broadcast on Facebook Live That Fit Any Budget By October 10, 2016 More)
LITA social media webinar live
Facebook Live and Periscope for library use We conducted a short 5 min live session on Facebook Live and Periscope; the first of three mini-series to test the potential of these tools for academic purposes: Here is the link to the LITA Webinar Face (More)
interactive collaboration in the classroom
20 Excellent Free Tools for Interactive Collaboration E (More)
mine social media
How to Successfully Mine Your Social Media Data by Alex York on June 22, 2016 More)
Facebook virus
CNET has an educational movie (4:21 min) how to recognize, avoid and clean up: here are some categories of intrusion, which you might face with your use of Facebook: https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/02/21/i-accepted-a-fake-facebook-fri (More)
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