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NMC Horizon Report 2017 Higher Ed
NMC Horizon Report > 2017 Higher Education Edition https://www.nmc.org/publication/nmc-horizon-report-2017-higher-education (More)
blockchain credentialing in higher ed
2 reasons why blockchain tech has big, tangible implications for higher ed By Jami Morshed September 27th, 2017 https:/ (More)
VR and students with special needs
Bibliography on virtual reality and students with physical and cognitive disabilities Jeffs, T. L. (2009). Virtual Reality and Special Needs. Themes In Science And Technology Education, 2(1-2), 253-268. More)
pedagogically sound Minecraft examples
FridayLive!! Oct 27 THIS WEEK 2:00 PM EDT  Minecraft for Higher Ed? Try it. Pros, Cons, Recommendations?  Description: Why Minecraft, the online video game? How can Minecraft improve learning for higher education? We’ll begin with a live demo (More)
wikipedia adventure
the Wikipedia Adventure https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:The_Wikipedia_Adventure +++++++++++ more on wikipedia in this IMS blog (More)
ebook guide to digital badges
A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Badges by Accredible https://elearningindustry.com/free-ebooks/guide-to-digital-badges-comprehensive chapters An introduction to digital badges and a brief history Simply put, a digital badge is an indicato (More)
Google in the classroom
How Has Google Affected The Way Students Learn? Zhai Yun TanFEBRUARY 8, 2016  https://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2016/02/0 (More)
K12 ed tech trends
5 Trends Shaping K12 Ed Tech https://s3.amazonaws.com/dive_assets/rlpsys/ED_k12_5_trends_k12_ed_tech.pdf Chromebooks. (vers (More)
VR Manga and Immersive Storytelling
VR Manga Is The Immersive Storytelling You Didn’t Know You Wanted October 9, 2017 by Bobby Carlton More)
VR headset future
VR's future depends on you buying a dorky headset Oculus, the VR company that Mark Zuckerberg bought for more than $2 billion, has a problem: It’s struggling to convince people to buy its gear. More)
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