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trends mobile devices
Report: Google Gaining in U.S. Classrooms, Apple's iOS Slipping By Richard Cha (More)
future blended learning
Dr. Baiyun Chen, OLC Institute faculty for the Blended Learning Mastery Series: Research into Practice, joins us to discuss the future  of blended learning in higher education ht (More)
studies virtual reality education
Three Interesting Studies on Virtual Reality in Education http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2016/06/three-interesti (More)
app smashing
My note: #appsmashing must be the evolution of the ~ 2010 #mashup from: http://www.zigzagstech.com/app-smashing More)
VR chemistry
MEL Science Launches Virtual Reality Chemistry Lessons By Richard Chang 06 (More)
University of Michigan Commercializes Gameful Learning Tool By Rhea Kell (More)
immersive reality education conference
Immerse Yourself in Learning Realities360. The Enhanced Realities Conference Augmented Reality Augmented reality adds computer-generated content as a contextual overlay to the real world. This technology, often powered by devices we already (More)
VR and AR in the classroom
Leslie Fisher Thinks Augmented Reality First, Then VR in the Classroom 05/12/17 https:/ (More)
http://flippity.net/ Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a Set of Online Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff ++++++++++++++++ more on flippity in this IMS blog More)
Minecraft Education edition
Minecraft: Education Edition 1.0.1 Released with Code Builder Support By David (More)
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