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honor killings
'Honour' killings in Karachi shock Pakistan's largest city Murders of teenagers show that poor communities in cities are becoming more entrenched in conservative values he murders in Ali Brohi Goth shocked Karachi, the count (More)
Fanatics or Addicts?
The YouTube video I attached below is about how video games could lead people to serious addictions. A news reporter takes a look into some people who can't seem to stop playing games. I think this is an interesting story, a bit outdated, but can sti (More)
New Coral Reefs Discovered
According the article I found, a new coral reef was discovered somewhere a long the Amazon river. I find this very interested as most coral reefs are slowly dying. Look into the article to find out more.   More)
YouTube Uploads
For my LIB 290 class, I had to create a short clip about anything relating to social media and the world. I used Adobe Premiere Clip to create this video. I also linked a longer video I made using the same application but it relates to my global issu (More)
Using Social Media to Create Awareness
How can one spread the realization that coral reefs are slowly dying around the world? According to the article I linked below, it is important for one to use social media to increase awareness with the world by posting information on multiple differ (More)
Using Digg For Research
To continue adding to the environmental global issues I have been focusing on, I have chosen the website Digg to find more articles. I found this website to be somewhat beneficial as I did find one article to be very interesting. Take a look at it. (More)
Teens Exposure to The Media
http://blog.stcloudstate.edu/clbauman/2017/02/04/photoshops-impact-on-body-image/ "Every week the average teenage girl spends 31 hours (More)
Global Political Issue
One issue that has recently received a lot of attention in the news, especially in politics is women’s rights. This past weekend, marches across the country have occurred where crowds of over 60,000 people took place in Minnesota alone. Women gathere (More)
Global Health Issue
Chelsea Bauman LIB 290 January 26th, 2017 Hundreds and thousands of people from around the globe have struggled with health in many shapes and forms, however, obesity seems to be a serious rising problem.  “From 1980 to now, the rate of obes (More)
Environmental Global Issue
An Environmental Issue that I found not only interesting, but something that could create bigger problems in the future. Coral Reefs from around the world are not only a tourist attraction, but also a large benefit to the environment and people in (More)
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