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Strike 2.0
https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/aug/31/the-new-resistance-how-gig-economy-worker (More)
Le Monde about far-right
Halimi, S. (2016, June 1). Why the far right is on the rise. Retrieved August 21, 2019, from Le Monde diplomatique website: https://mondediplo.com/2016/06/01edito Serge Halimi: ‘Imposing cruel (More)
As major internet platforms try to halt the dissemination of toxic content, Watkins’ site has become an essential tool for those trying to spread it. When Ted Kaczynski, the terrorist and triple murderer known as the “Unabomber”, wanted the wo (More)
ICE raids
U.S. Cities Prepare For Planned ICE Raids On Sunday July 13, 20193:11 PM ET  )
Tripoli migrant detention center
Crimean Tatar Activists
Russian FSB Detains Crimean Tatar Activists After Searching Their Homes https://www.rf (More)
Utopia of endless exploitation The essence of neoliberalism What is neoliberalism? A programme for destroying collective structures which may impede the pure market logic. by Pierre Bourdieu December 1998 The neoliberal programme draws (More)
Radical ideas liberate us from freedom
Croatia and immigration
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